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Site Security: Time Tracking Software in Construction

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Time is money, time is security: How Insite LMS empowers hassle-free and secure site human resources management with the Time App.

Blue hourglass on dark background - time recording goes digital in plant construction!

This is How Time Tracking Software Helps in Construction

Yes, Insite LMS conveniently tracks working times via Time App and makes paper timesheets obsolete. But that's not all! Find out what else you gain with the Time App here.

Smartphone on which the check-in is displayed: The QR code of the access card is scanned.

Time Tracking Software with Maximum Convenience

Industrial plant constructors who rely on Insite LMS can use any cell phone as a terminal for digital access and time tracking! No special hardware is required. To check-in and check-out, employees, visitors, service providers and subcontractors simply scan their access cards (QR codes) at this cell phone terminal. New access cards can be created flexibly and super fast using standard printers. By the way, your in-house employees can also clock in directly in the LSM Time app on their own cell phones (so they don't necessarily need a terminal/access card).

In short: The app is used to record working and rest times as well as accesses and to document who is on which construction site. Time sheets and reports can be generated at the touch of a button.

Construction workers with yellow and orange high-visibility vests and white helmets enter the construction site.

Worker and Subcontractor Management

Not only existing Insite LMS users can be managed with the system. Visitors, subcontractors and service providers can also be created smoothly and in seconds and managed with the system. Thus, you have all site accesses under control.  

Display of certifications management in Insite LMS - time tracking software that can do more!

All the Info in the Best Order: Certifications & Co.

Does a particular employee or service provider actually have the certification required for an job? What exactly has been contractually agreed with this service provider? In the system, all certificates, contracts and documents can be digitally filed and viewed directly with the person or company.

Site manager in high-visibility vest and white helmet looks at his tablet on the construction site.

Safety and Efficiency on the Construction Site

If you manage all project resources digitally with Insite LMS Time App, you lay a solid foundation for construction site safety and efficient management of all resources.

At any time, you can flexibly and at the push of a button

  • check who is on which construction site.

  • check whether legal conditions are being adhered to.

  • grant and revoke access authorizations

  • generate access cards.

  • create timesheets, reports and evaluations, and track costs.  

Time tracking software: Insite LMS screen showing the "Site Human Resources" module, which also includes "Time Bookings".

Conclusion: Site Human Resources under Control

Know who, know where, know when - with INSITE IT's time tracking system, you have alle site human resources on your construction sites well under control: accesses, working hours and costs, employee qualifications, etc. can be easily managed digitally and all information and reports are available at the push of a button.

Get to Know Insite LMS as Software for Time Tracking in Construction

Wondering if Insite LMS is well-suited for your projects? We are convinced: With Insite LMS, you will get time tracking and work safety on the construction site under control. See for yourself!

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