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Industrial Plant Engineering: 5 Digital Trends for 2022

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Discover five trends that will shape industrial plant construction in 2022 - and learn how you can benefit from them in your projects.

Industrial plant construction: image of industrial plant by day, a construction worker walks across the site.

»All players must prepare now
for a fundamentally different next normal.«


1. Connected Construction & Connected Collaboration

Industrial plant construction: Worker uses tablet in industrial plant.

In industrial plant construction, connected construction empowers stakeholders to act and react in real-time.

Analog workflows, isolated IT systems and solitary operations are a thing of the past. Today, building activities are digitally interconnected and based on real-time information. Thus, you can optimally react to changes and collaborate efficiently. Construction companies, engineering firms, suppliers and operators are therefore increasingly investing in the digitization of industrial plant construction. For good reason: Relying on a proven site management solution, you will benefit from more efficient processes, more convenient ways of collaboration and motivated project teams.

Connected construction in industrial plant construction also serves to

  • end the often painstaking paper and Excel approach,
  • collaborate effectively worldwide,
  • give managers a good real-time understanding of the project,
  • reduce downtimes and optimize workloads, and
  • gain full control over logistics, materials and installation.

Example: Insite LMS, the platform for industrial plant construction, realizes connected construction and connected collaboration as follows: At its core, there is a practical, intuitive app that runs on all platforms and devices. This way, you always have all the info you need just a touch away in your jacket or pants pocket. It supports site managers and project teams with:

  • customized dashboards, it allows you to keep your KPIs easily in sight. Any questions that come up, can be answered promptly and competently.
  • practical collaboration features, maintain up-to-date communication with team members and stakeholders from anywhere in the world
  • real-time info and paperless processes, centralizes relevant information securely and effortlessly in one place

The software can also be used to integrate suppliers, subcontractors and other project participants. In short, it gives project teams control over the project by providing them all the information they need to complete processes efficiently and with high quality.

»1,000 users, 90 companies, 2.7 million of data base modifications and 280,000 pictures, but Insite LMS provided us a way to proceed.«

Nogueira Itamar, Senior Site Manager, Group Site Installation ANDRITZ AG

Insite LMS has been specifically designed for digitalizing complex projects. Read here how Andritz AG used it to successfully digitize its processes for Bracell's STAR project in Brazil.

2. Digital Materials Management in industrial plant construction

Industrial plant construction: Insite LMS platform on laptop, desktop computer and smartphone.

Optimized material handling is becoming a decisive key to success.

Time and cost pressure, but also delivery bottlenecks and exceptional global incidents, are increasing. Thus, it is becoming particularly difficult to estimate project calculations in industrial plant construction. Especially when project lead times are getting shorter, cost pressures are growing, site managers need real-time information on

  • manufacturing
  • materials and supplies
  • which and when an installation work can be carried out.

Even though "just in time" deliveries would be highly appreciated, this is not possible in real-life - for example, due to international transports or customs. Nevertheless, you always try to achieve this state. Solutions developed specifically for this purpose help to do so.

3. Goodbye Isolated Solutions – Hello Integrated Platform!

Industrial plant construction: Insite LMS on tablet with dashboard and S-curves visualizing material usage.

The key to success in industrial plant construction 2022 and beyond is a flexible, end-to-end platform that acts as a single source of truth to connect people, processes and information.

Real-time information is becoming the foundation for economic survival in industrial plant construction. For this purpose, you need to have a "single source of truth".

Why is an end-to-end platform better than many isolated solutions?

Over the last few years, many apps for construction sites have emerged. Often with very small application areas. If you rely on a bunch of individual solutions for your projects, this generates a lot of effort for training, maintenance, integration and operation.

Why is an end-to-end platform better than using an adapted ERP system?

We encounter another approach in our digitization consulting: Namely, adapting a large, monolithic solution, such as SAP, for use on the construction site. This approach also has decisive disadvantages:

  • it is usually expensive or complex in terms of maintenance and training.
  • ERP systems are not designed for the construction site. They are often neither flexible nor mobile or offline capable. In addition, they are not designed to quickly integrate external partners.
  • The result will never fit as well as a platform developed specifically for industrial plant construction and practical use.

Users on site are aware of the downsides of this approach. Their reluctance is then correspondingly high. If these voices are not heard and an ERP solution is nevertheless introduced with might and main, the venture ends up being a "stillborn" - and paper chaos and Excel lists continue to determine everyday work.

End-to-end platform for industrial plant construction: Insite LMS

The most successful projects and companies are those that rely on an end-to-end platform developed specifically for industrial plant construction. With Insite LMS, you ideally cover all relevant processes on the construction site and along the supply chain – via one single application and one intuitive app. Thus, manage materials, defects, claims, daily reports, time recording and have real-time information available at the touch of a button. In addition, the software offers you the necessary flexibility to take into account the specific requirements on site as every project of course is different.

4. Away from Secrecy! Transparency in Industrial plant construction.

Industrial plant construction: Two workers on the construction site shaking hands.

Transparency promotes project success at all levels.

Transparent documentation and comprehensible communication at eye level do result in better projects. Why? There will always be problems with large projects. However, if you focus on enabling transparency from the very beginning, you promote a trustful working atmosphere and constructive collaboration. Everyone involved will benefit – and subsequently the entire project. A project collaboration of that kind is optimally supported by an integrated platform for industrial plant construction. INSITE IT has developed Insite LMS for this purpose. Customers appreciate its features

  • to digitally document projects transparently, easily and comprehensively,
  • to have reports available at the push of a button
  • to collaborate smoothly digitally with all parties involved,
  • to seamlessly track processes,
  • to digitally track attendance and working hours.

Click here to read an interview with Heinz Pichler, Vice President Global Site Operations at ANDRITZ Hydro, about his experience with our platform and how it helped him to successfully implement large projects.

5. Users first! Achieving Even More in Industrial Plant Construction

Industrial plant construction: Construction site with many construction workers at work.

If you consistently put users on site first, you will digitize more successfully.

That’s why we developed Insite LMS in tight cooperation with the end users. Our customers’ feedback proves us right: On their sites, the teams value our program as an

  1. easy-to-use, end-to-end, offline tool that
  2. consistently facilitates work.

In addition, the software offers you the flexibility needed for industrial plant construction projects. Each project is different! Accordingly, what is needed is a flexible, quickly deployable system that is suitable for use in the field.

Experienced in Digitalizing Industrial Plant Construction

INSITE IT has successfully implemented Insite LMS in more than 5,000 projects. That’s what we consistently observe:

  • Job site digitization is never perfect!
  • Simplicity and tangible, immediate benefits have priority over perfection.
  • It is better to have 80% digitized in a way that is easy to use than 100% digitized too late or too complicated.
  • Even if tools and processes are predetermined by the software solution to a certain extent, every user must have the impression that the tool is a tailor-made tool that supports well their specific tasks.

On site, you always choose the best tool for every task. The same is true for IT applications and processes. – Insite LMS is the best tool for industrial plant construction.

Conclusion: In Industrial Plant Construction, Digitization is here to Stay

Industrial plant construction: Workers wearing helmets and high-visibility vests use tablet with app in industrial plant.

We are pleased to see the five trends 2022: Since the first version of Insite LMS, we have been dedicated to implementing the topics at their core.

We are convinced that those who implement "Connected building” quickly and with a users-first approach will benefit in many ways. Downtimes are reduced, satisfaction among stakeholders and project profitability increases. Last but not least, whole projects’ quality benefits as well.

We are convinced that you will benefit a lot if you take a closer look at Insite LMS right now. Relying on the integrated platform, you can realize the five trends in industrial plant construction illustrated in this article. Without detours!

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