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Material Management App: Insite LMS in Action

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See how Insite LMS streamlines the flow of materials to and on site.

Material Management App Insite LMS is used by three construction workers on industrial construction site.

Digitalizing Materials Management with Insite LMS App

screen of  Site Packages management dialogue in the material management app

Companies relying on Insite LMS in their projects benefit from a consistent and efficient material flow to the construction site and on site – from manufacturing all the way to final assembly.

For each project, all data is stored in the cloud. The system will connect all data as needed, for example

  • parts lists,
  • materials,
  • deliveries and
  • storage locations.

This makes material tracking much easier: Time-consuming searches or multiple data entries are a thing of the past.

The SaaS software is module-based and configurable. This means that the specific project requirements can easily be considered.

Consistently Managing Resources using QR Codes

Material Management App Insite LMS: Screen of QR code scan.

The solution uses QR codes to manage resources along the entire supply chain

  • transport,
  • acceptance at the construction site,
  • storage,
  • removal/installation.

This is Where the Material Management App Scores

On site: material, cranes, construction vehicles and the direct reduction plant can be seen under blue sky.

Benefit No. 1: Consistently Manage Materials Right up to Installation

One of the app's strengths is that it covers the entire process from manufacturing to installation.
Unlike other solutions, materials management via Insite LMS App does not end with the delivery of goods to site. On the contrary: For Insite LMS, efficient installation is the ultimate objective.

Two construction site workers in yellow warning vests document materials delivery via app on tablet.

Benefit No. 2: Tailor-made for Construction Sites

The solution is optimized for use on industrial construction sites. The material management app is intuitive to use and can be used on a wide range of devices and platforms. The system works offline and online, even in the most remote areas of the world.

Screen of materials management app Insite LMS on tablet.

Benefit No. 3: Streamlined Project Logistics - Data under Control

INSITE IT's material management app simplifies the entire project logistics: manufacturers, suppliers, freight forwarders, clients and the teams on site use the system as the central platform through which all data is managed! Doing so, project teams always have project data at their fingertips to better achieve their goals.

See for Yourself! Material Management App in Action

Transport document with QR code: This is scanned with material management app on the construction site.

1. Transport: Register and Track Materials

Before transport, manufacturers and suppliers register materials via Insite LMS. This is done via Excel files or alternatively via web access – in both cases, completely without any technical hurdles!

In this phase, the material management solution creates the packages with the respective lot parts in the system and generates the required documents (including necessary release routines by the project logistics, if desired).

The documents typically contain unique QR codes. They are then used to scan the packages via the material management app.

In this phase Insite LMS is used, among other things, to

  • create materials in the system,
  • provide transport documents (packing lists, QR codes, etc.),
  • know delivery data in advance,
  • be prepared for delivery (e.g. organize unloading equipment) and
  • document container contents/deliveries (photos).
Construction worker takes delivery of goods at the construction site by scanning the QR code on the packing list via material management app.

2. Delivery: Easily Taking Over Materials

Upon materials delivery on site, the QR codes on the packing lists can be scanned using the material management app.

All necessary inspections, photo documentation, defects, storage locations, etc. are created directly on the cell phone.

Mobile phone with image of the material management app - photo documentation feature.

The material management app is used to

  • easily check-in the delivered items,
  • carry out materials checks,
  • create deviations and reports,
  • create documentation (photos) and
  • manage storage locations.

3. On Site: Managing Stock Movements

cell phone one with material request screen within material management app

If steps 1 and 2 are followed, all material information is available in the application.

Doing so, projects benefit from a well-coordinated flow of goods from manufacturing and the warehouses to the final installation points.

Materials can be requested and reserved for installation directly via the material management app. When the reserved materials are issued, i.e., handed over to the installation team, the material tracking in Insite LMS ends.

On site, the material management app is used to

  • manage materials and any defects,
  • manage and know storage locations and stock levels,
  • reserve, request, and issue materials.

Configurable Dashboards

Tablet showing a dashboard of the material management app.

In addition to materials information and storage locations data, site and project managers can use practical dashboards to get an easy tracking overview. They are configurable and can displaymaterial data, target/actual comparisons, deviations, among other useful data and reports.


  • The material management app digitalizes plant construction projects in a practical way and optimizes the flow of materials from manufacturing to installation.
  • We can best clarify how Insite LMS can be used in your projects in a personal and non-binding call.

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