Tools management app: screenshot with tools image. In the background: a worker using a circular saw.

Tools Management

Tools Management via Insite LMS: Manage Devices Worldwide

Tool information at the push of a button, seamless tracking of all devices & complete documentation of all uses: With Insite LMS, the professional software for tools management, you can keep track of all devices and tools throughout the company and in each individual project worldwide – and manage their efficient use. Losses or breakdowns can thus be reduced, and maintenance and service processes can be made uncomplicated.

Global and local overview in tools management. Assign and manage your tools from different locations on the site - online and offline.

Overview of all Tools

Globally and locally

Convenient Tools Management

for all projects

Practical QR Codes

easy handling

Insite LMS is used in 6,000+ projects worldwide.

Simply Practical! Digital Tools Management via Insite LMS

Screenshot of app for tools management on cell phone.

1. Simple Set-up & Intuitive App

  • no IT resources required
  • no training effort
  • practical app for all devices - cell phones, laptops, tablets, PCs
  • offline capable solution for worldwide use

Don't waste valuable time! With Insite LMS, project teams have a quickly deployable, comprehensive tool management solution at their fingertips. The fact that the app runs on a wide range of devices, is offline-capable and can be used without extensive user training makes it particularly easy to use in daily practice.

2. Company-wide Overview of all Tools

  • always know which tools the company owns
  • inventory at the push of a button
  • convenient management of all devices
  • Excel import and export + barcode generation via Insite LMS
  • complete documentation of all processes (project usage, service, deviations, etc.)

Who has which device in use and where? Which devices can be sent to which project and which ones have to be rented? When is which service due? All these questions can be answered at any time at the push of a button by Insite LMS, the proven software for tool management in plant engineering.

Site manager uses Insite LMS app for tool management on the construction site.

Construction site with crane truck and crane.

3. Use Tools in Projects

  • assign devices to projects and collaborators
  • request & send tools to projects
  • issue & return tools
  • manage stock items
  • manage deviations
  • manage tasks

The intuitive plant engineering app Insite LMS optimally supports project teams worldwide in managing and using tools and equipment. Equipment can be reserved, shipped, managed, and scheduled for service appointments. Real-time updates from teams in projects around the world and centrally available tool information make everyday project work easier for everyone involved. Tedious manual management of tools via analog paper solutions or Excel lists is a thing of the past!

4. Track Usage Times - Create Invoices and Reports

  • track tool usage (minutes, hours, days)
  • create receipts and invoices
  • generate reports at the click of a button

Insite LMS also provides the ability to track tool usage (times, projects) and generate required receipts, invoices and reports.

Digital tools management: Screen of Insite LMS on laptop - Devices in all projects under control

That's why it pays to switch to Insite LMS when it comes to tools management

Worker on constrution site with yellow safety helmet uses tools management app on site.
  • professional solution for plant engineering projects
  • simple set-up and intuitive app
  • proven jobsite software with extensive features

The good news: Insite LMS is the proven jobsite software for plant construction projects. The solution offers extensive functionality for managing tools and equipment. But not only that - in addition, with Insite LMS you rely on a professional solution that significantly drives projects in the areas of logistics, material & site management. From the experience of over 5000 major projects we know: With Insite LMS, plant construction professionals digitize their construction sites in a practical, secure, fast and sustainable way.

How exactly does tools management work with Insite LMS?

On the cell phone, the QR code on a circular saw is scanned in the tools management app.

In Insite LMS, a unique QR code is generated for each tool. Alternatively, existing labels or tags can be used. The barcode is attached to the respective tool and can be scanned via cell phone from then on. This eliminates the need for manual entries in output books or the laborious management of Excel lists.

Tools management: Which questions can I answer with Insite LMS at any time and from anywhere?

Plant construction: construction site from above, numerous vehicles, materials, cranes from the bird's eye view.
  • What inventory is available across the company?
  • Which project uses which devices?
  • When is a service due?
  • What are the defects/deviations?
  • Where has a specific tool already been in use?
  • When will the tool arrive on site?
  • Where is the tool stored (location/storage area)?
  • What reservations are there for which equipment?
  • What is the complete usage history of a particular tool?

How much training is required?

Satisfied site manager uses Insite LMS on his cell phone.

Tools are managed via a user-friendly app that can be used on smartphones and other devices. The app is intuitively designed and thus can be used immediately. The time required to get familiar with the necessary steps is minimal.

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