Screen of site management app. Site manager in high-visibility vest using Insite LMS on construction site.

Site Management

Proficiently Mastering Large Construction Sites

On schedule, on quality and on cost: The cloud-based platform Insite LMS is the field-tested professional solution for digital site management in industrial plant construction.

Expert Tool For Entire Construction Site

Developed by practitioners for practitioners

Efficiency - More Time For Building

No more paper flood, no more Excel chaos and no more multiple data entries

Proven All-in-one App

Convenient app for all relevant construction site processes - no isolated solutions

Insite LMS is used in 6,000+ projects worldwide.

Digitizing Construction Sites: More Time for Project Quality

Smiling site manager with blue helmet and yellow safety vest.

Site management via software helps everyone involved to optimize projects. How?

  • The site management software Insite LMS eliminates paper clutter, Excel chaos and multiple data entry.
  • Construction teams have more time for what matters to them - construction and construction quality!
  • Project managers have real-time info at their fingertips.

See How Insite LMS Digitalizes Site Management

Insite LMS Site Management Software: Screenshot of the app on smartphone.

1. One App for the Entire ConstructionSite

  • all-in-one app
  • efficient processes
  • real-time information

With Insite LMS, site managers and their teams master the entire construction site proficiently from production monitoring to assembly - using just one user-friendly app. Thus, there is no need to implement countless individual solutions or to introduce users to different user interfaces. Insite LMS works on all common platforms and devices, is quickly implemented and reliable in daily use.

2. More Time for the Essentials

  • straightforward documentation
  • easy reporting
  • simple deviation management

Insite LMS makes sure that project team members can collaborate smoothly and that all information is easily captured centrally, conveniently processed and made available at the push of a button. All reports necessary can be created at the push of a button using pre-filled templates.

Site Management Software - Screenshot: Generate Report

3. All-in-one Solution for Practitioners

  • Manage materials, logistics, installation
  • Track costs and timelines
  • Deviation management and reports

Insite LMS is the platform for plant engineering professionals that offers everything project teams need to successfully drive their construction sites forward: Features for manufacturing tracking, materials management, time tracking, tracking costs and schedules, collaboration, deviation management, documentation and reporting a.s.o. Insite LMS has proven itself in more than 5,000 projects around the globe.

With Insite LMS, Site Managers Optimize Many Areas of their Daily Work

Construction site documentation, industrial plant with steaming chimneys at dusk

Proficiently Manage Industrial Construction Sites - Insite LMS

  • Secure cloud solution - easy-to-use app
  • Digitalize large construction sites the best way
  • Collaborate securely worldwide – improve project quality



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Why Use Insite LMS for Digital Site Management?

  Analog Site Management Digital Site Management
Advantage No software solution necessary All-in-one-App for all construction processes – no isolated piece of software
Digitizing construction sites in an intelligent way – more time for construction tasks & project quality
collaborating around the globe
secure, digital, device-independent
Effort Manually adding data from a wide range of analogue and digital sources (e.g. Excel files, email attachments, digital cameras, notebooks, paper a.s.o.) is time-consuming. Project information is available at the push of a button.
Generate pre-filled reports without extra effort.
Quality Volatile Stable/high
Data Security Data loss is possible
Information on paper – no back-ups
Secure cloud solution
Servers in european data centres

When it Comes to Site Management, What Is the Advantage of Insite LMS?

  • reports and real-time information at the touch of a button
  • easy set-up - smooth & secure operation
  • flexible solution for international sites
  • can be used offline
  • developed by professionals for professionals

The solution was developed by professionals who themselves spent years working on large construction sites around the globe. The platform therefore offers exactly what site managers, project managers and project teams. Added value by experience, without blah blah blah.

Site managers easily have all relevant areas well under control via one app: Insite LMS. This field-tested solution is used for manufacturing monitoring, materials management, logistics and installation, coordination of the construction units, deviation and defect management, communication, documentation & reporting, task management and time tracking.

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Get to know the field-proven industrial construction management solution Insite LMS right now! Did you know that our services also comprise consulting & process optimization, implementation & roll-out, training & support?

Is it Difficult to Switch to a Digital Site Management Solution?

Digital site management: how to do an easy transformation!

With INSITE IT at your site, you will benefit from the expertise of more than 5.000 successfully completed construction site digitalization projects. Adhering to the well-proven Insite LMS process, switching to Insite LMS as your digital site management solution will be a smooth and safe process. INSITE IT is always here for you ensuring the digitalization project will succeed. INSITE IT customers that implemented Insite LMS in the past now benefit in many ways, e.g.

  • enhanced project efficiency,
  • better project quality and
  • improved project team member satisfaction.

The good news is that getting started with digital site management doesn't have to be difficult. Read more about getting started with digital site management here.

Who Will Benefit from Insite LMS?

Satisfied team on construction site.
  • Managing Directors
  • Site Manager
  • Site Supervisor
  • Project Responsibles
  • Project teams world-wide

Do you Want to Know More About Insite LMS?

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Digital Site in Action

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  • How to manage 1,000 users and 90 companies
  • Senior site manager from ANDRITZ AG in an in-depth interview
  • With 3 expert tips for digitizing construction sites
  • Best practice: implementing construction site software

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