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Expediting -
Digital Manufacturing

Expediting Manufacturing Tracking:
How You Benefit From Insite LMS

„What is the component manufacturing status”? – Site managers want to be able to answer this question at any time and at the push of a button. Insite LMS enables them to do so: Using Insite LMS, project managers can easily keep track of all manufacturers and components – and standardize expediting/manufacturing monitoring.

Progress Assessment

Assess and track components in a standardized way

Real-time Info

Project-wide knowledge of expediting/manufacturing status

Project Plan Integration

Integrate schedules and use practical targets + actual comparisons

Insite LMS is used in 6,000+ projects worldwide.

How to Succeed in Digital Manufacturing Monitoring

Laptop with S-Curves: Expediting via Insite LMS

1. Digitally Standardize Progress Assessment Using Insite LMS

  • manufacturing monitoring via an app
  • standardization via checklists and processes
  • integration of manufacturing schedules
  • real-time status info
  • reporting templates
  • S-curves: target/actual comparison
  • deviation management
  • project communication & task management

Goodbye Excel chaos, hello Insite LMS. Digitally track the progress of your component manufacturing via one convenient app. Integrate project schedules, use pre-filled reports, compare target vs. actual schedules, create variances and manage all communication, expediting your manufacturing monitoring process.

2. Convenient Checklists for Production Monitoring

  • product-type dependent checklists
  • easy to use app by manufacturers & suppliers
  • project-wide status comparability

Both internal or external manufacturers can evaluate the fulfillment of individual manufacturing steps using predefined checklists.

Project managers can compare the manufacturing progress for components from different suppliers, expediting the completed manufacturing process. Lastly, the quality of information regarding the manufacturing progress increases. Checklists are usually created by the customer based on their respective product categories.

App for expediting (screenshot)

Expediting via Insite LMS: Man checks manufacturing progress at plant

3. Integration of Manufacturing & Suppliers

  • easy and secure integration of both suppliers and manufacturers
  • easy monitoring of manufacturing status
  • central availability of all data for reports

Manufacturers get limited, secure access via a user-friendly app. Using the app, they are able to regularly update the progress of their component manufacturing. In addition, photographs, deviations and attachments can easily be added.

Expediting/manufacturing monitoring information is stored centrally in Insite LMS, meaning project teams can view and compare status information of the respective components at the push of a button. Progress monitoring data can be used directly for reports and comparisons of targets, and helping in expediting finished schedules - without any additional effort.

Skillfully Manage Industrial Construction Sites:
Insite LMS is the Professional Solution for Plant Engineering.

  • Consistent Cloud Solution - Practical App
  • Sensibly Digitize Large Construction Sites
  • Collaborate Securely Worldwide - Build in a Superior Manner

Analog vs. Digital Manufacturing Monitoring

  Classic manufacturing monitoring Digital monitoring with Insite LMS
Status report manually merge information from numerous Excel documents and emails
time-consuming & tiring
effortlessly at the push of a button
Information flow The person responsible is in contact with dozens of manufacturers via e-mail and processes the updates manually. optimally
all information is digitally captured, stored and processed in a central solution (cloud), expediting the availability of information

authorized contributors can access required information - at any time, from anywhere
Comparability of manufacturer information low comparability
little standardization
high comparability
standardization and digital checklists
Possibility of errors high low

What's the Downside of Conventional Manufacturing Monitoring?

Expediting without Insite LMS: Paper chaos on the desk

It’s always the same old story: Manufacturing monitoring without a field-proven software solution ends in paper and Excel chaos.

  • prone to errors
  • enormous amount of manual effort and human resource
  • no automatic actual-target comparisons

Large construction sites and procurement processes are complex. Projects can involve tens or hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers. Each manufacturer produces typically small batch sizes of special components (e.g. batch size of 1).

The project team will need to be in direct ongoing contact via email with countless manufacturers to be informed about their production status. This status update (Excel lists as e-mail attachments) must be manually merged into one overall document. This is time-consuming and error-prone, as it is not uncommon for hundreds of documents to need to be processed. Individual manufacturer’s status updates are also difficult to compare because each manufacturer applies its own evaluation schemes.

Without Insite LMS, monitoring manufacturing and creating the necessary reports such as weekly and monthly reports is time-consuming and prone to human error. Additionally, there are no automated comparisons between actual and target schedules. Insite LMS helps in expediting delivery of all necessary reports to keep the manufacturing process going.

Why Use Insite LMS for Expediting?

  • real-time production status information
  • project-wide standardization & comparability, expediting project delivery
  • easy and effortless reporting

Insite LMS is the end-to-end all-in-one solution for managing industrial construction sites. As Insite LMS includes professional tracking of manufacturing status of all manufacturers, it allows construction managers of large, complex construction sites to effortless manage their construction projects, expediting project completion.

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