Site Manager uses cell phone on site and generates daily log. Screenshot of the app Insite LMS with construction site diary.

Construction Site Diary

Digital Construction Site Diary
Developed by Practitioners: Insite LMS

Documenting building activities and creating daily logs can be quite simple. The digital site solution Insite LMS optimally supports site managers and project teams in creating and distributing digital construction diaries. Those who want to have more of their scarce time available for other tasks should therefore consider switching to a digital construction site diary: With Insite LMS, elements already existing in the system are used to automatically pre-populate the construction site diary. This saves time and reduces errors.

Convenient App

for secure, digital documentation

Information at the Push of a Button

using centrally stored data

Pre-filled Reports

for efficient working

Insite LMS is used in 6,000+ projects worldwide.

Creating Construction Site Diaries with Insite LMS Is Easy

Digital construction site diary: In the Insite LMS app, you select photos and add comments.

1. Document Site Activities Via App

  • document site activities directly via app on smartphone, tablet a.s.o.
  • attach pictures, voice messages, text notes
  • centrally store information in Insite LMS

All issues can be documented directly where they occur. You simply grab your cell phone and launch the app. The app can be used, for example, to capture photos, voice notes and annotations. Data is stored centrally in Insite LMS, the proven cloud solution for construction site management. All the information can subsequently be used for construction site diaries, reports, construction progress documentation, project collaboration, project management and project documentation.

2. Generate Daily Log Within Seconds

  • generate report at the push of a button
  • clear, structured and consistent
  • automatic pre-filling & manual adjustments

With Insite LMS, construction site diaries can be generated at the end of the day at the push of a button. The reports are automatically pre-populated with all relevant information on deviations, material use, or installation progress/construction progress a.s.o.

Cell phone with screenshot of the digital construction diary app with "Create Report" button.

Project team on site looks at tablet with construction site diary by Insite LMS.

3. Distribute Construction Site Diary

  • real-time availability of reports and information
  • reliable communication & swift collaboration
  • high data security

Excellent internal communication: Daily logs and all information used for them are stored centrally in Insite LMS. Depending on internal processes and user privileges, reports can be available to relevant stakeholders in real time.

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Why use Insite LMS when creating daily logs?

  Analog construction site diary Digital construction site diary
Advantage Can be used without a software solution. All relevant project information is available at the push of a button in a professional construction site diary - device-independent, digital, secure.
Effort Often time-consuming, low efficiency.
Merging distributed analog sources and digital information (e.g. images of digital cameras) is usually tedious and generates unnecessary multiple efforts.
Digital construction site diary at the push of a button.
Pre-filled reports are generated automatically without multiple efforts.
Quality Significant variations in data quality A consistent high quality of daily logs is maintained: All relevant information is centrally available in the cloud and is automatically filled in the appropriate templates.
Data security Significant risk of data loss
Data is often available on paper (loose slips of paper), backup is difficult.
Strong data security due to cloud solution - servers in European data centers.

Why it pays to switch to a digital solution

The creation of a construction site diary, it is normally an unpleasant but necessary activity. If you want to use your scarce time wisely, you should consider switching to digital solutions.

The advantages are obvious:

Digital construction site diary, industrial plant on the coast

What information is recorded in the construction site diary?

Screen of a digital construction diary on a cell phone.

Examples of information included in the construction site diary (Daily Log):

  • Date
  • Object name
  • Weather conditions
  • Installation progress
  • Building incidents
  • Inspections/visits
  • Use of personnel
  • Orders
  • Use of materials
  • Material deliveries
  • Defects/Deviations
  • Facts about the construction site
  • Unclarities

Why use Insite LMS for Daily Logs?

Site managers on construction site use Insite LMS to create digital construction diary.
  • Insite LMS is the all-in-one solution for the professional digital management of industrial construction sites.
  • It allows all relevant processes to be documented and managed easily and securely.

During the day, construction progress, deviations, material flow, and resource usage are documented directly on the construction site using a smartphone and stored in Insite LMS. Photos, comments and descriptions can be conveniently recorded during walk-throughs using the Insite LMS app on your cell phone. Data is stored centrally in the system (cloud). Without any additional effort, daily logs can be generated at the end of working days. Reports are automatically pre-filled with all relevant information and contain the corresponding photos, deviations and details. Manual adjustments are also possible. Daily logs and other reports may also be formatted professionally in the customer's corporate design.

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