New direct reduction plant as showcase project 

An international industrial construction group used the software Insite LMS for its showcase project in large-scale plant construction. In order to integrate all companies involved in the project and to constantly have access to all current data, Insite LMS was hosted in the cloud.

  • Customer: Austrian technology and industrial goods group
  • City / Country: USA
  • Project type: Construction of a HBI plant
  • Project status: Completed
  • Completion: 2016
  • Construction time: 2,5 years

Software specifically for plant engineering

The logistics for such a large-scale project is a highly complex process. In order to manage this complexity, not only the customer, but also their suppliers used INSITE IT’s software solution. In this case, Insite LMS was used as a cloud. Thus, all persons involved had constant access to all current data. Around 30,000 tons of single parts were managed via the software. About ten companies were involved in the complex delivery and assembly.

Thanks to Insite LMS, builders and suppliers always had an overview. The data always showed the most current state and thus, the ideal planability was given. The software also ensured the flexible coordination of the material flow. The result was really impressive: The error rate of the project process has been significantly reduced and the company needed significantly less man hours than comparable projects.


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