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  • Insite LMS - the professional platform for industrial plant construction
  • build even better - proven digitalization process
  • well-proven solutions for logistics, materials and site management
Intralogistics solution in use - large hall with conveyor belts, storage spaces, goods.

TGW Logistics Group

From 0 to 1,500 users in 18 months! Insite LMS was successfully implemented for logistics, material and site management in record time.


This is how plant engineering expert BERTSCHenergy uses Insite LMS for the construction of a new fluidized bed boiler plant in a paper mill.

Construction site logistics: construction site with containers, tent as temporary storage, truck delivering materials and numerous parts that are stored outside.


From model to assembly: Welti-Furrer opts for Insite LMS to control the flow of materials during the rebuilding of a renowned Swiss retailer.

Steel plant construction

For this Endless Strip Processing Plant the software installation tracker was the key to success. This project was characterized by a particularly efficient timely process.


With a driverless subway, Saudi Arabia is setting new standards. Insite LMS ensures system integration as well as mastering material and value flow complexity. 

Hydropower Plant Construction

Streamlining hydropower plant construction: This is how ANDRITZ HYDRO uses Insite LMS for logistics, materials and site management.

Direct Reduction Plant (HBI)

How Insite LMS is used for efficient project logistics, global collaboration, real-time info & straightforward reporting.

Energy recovery

Excellent data management: A Swiss technology company uses Insite LMS for the entire construction process of an energy-from-waste facility.

Pilot project

Is Insite LMS the right tool for optimizing your processes? Don´t speculate, give it a try! Start now a digital pilot project for your construction site with us.

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