Driving Performance – Increased Efficiency with Insite LMS

TGW Logistics Group implemented Insite LMS for logistics, material and site management in numerous projects. This resulted in optimized processes on their construction sites. From 0 to 1,500 app users after only 18 months – this is performance by TGW Logistics Group and INSITE IT.

Insite LMS App pushes performance

  • Customer: TGW Logistics Group
  • City / Country: Germany
  • Project type: Inralogistics Projects
  • Project status: Completed
  • Completion: 2021
  • Construction time: 12-24 months

Digital Construction Sites for more Efficiency

The clear goal for TGW Logistics Group was to improve all construction sites "digitally" and reduce paperwork. To achieve this, the Insite LMS app for digital logistics, material and site management was implemented on numerous projects in a very short time.

"A software introduction of this kind only succeeds if the tool is self-explanatory for the user and good internal support can be offered. Ideally, the problem is solved in a direct call. In the meantime it´s unimagable for our employees to run the daily project routine without Insite LMS", Florian Stiefler, Head of Installation Service, sums it up.

In retrospect, it can be said that the implementation of Insite LMS at TGW Logistics Group was extremely fast. Mainly because the employees enjoyed working with the system and the organization was able to develop quickly around the tool.


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