On site: construction of new fluidized bed boiler plant in a paper mill.

Digitalisation in Construction: Paper-free Processes

This is how plant engineering expert BERTSCHenergy uses Insite LMS for the construction of a new fluidized bed boiler plant in a paper mill.

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Digitization of Construction Site Processes

  • Customer: BERTSCHenergy
  • City / Country: Germany
  • Project type: Construction of a fluidized bed boiler plant
  • Project status: Completed
  • Completion: 2021
  • Construction time: 20 months

Enhanced Project Control and Paper-free Processes

»Innovation is the beginning of a new tradition.« - according to this motto, the Austrian plant constructor BERTSCHenergy optimises project handling relying on the digitalisation of construction site processes.

For the construction of a new fluidised bed boiler plant in a paper mill, construction site processes were digitalised using the logistics, material and site management system from INSITE IT, that is Insite LMS. Insite LMS was use for

  • Documentation and management of deviations,
  • construction site diaries,
  • construction progress evaluation,
  • attendance recording.

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