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Siemens Mobility Supplier Award 2023

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Insite LMS, the platform for industrial construction, has been honored with the Siemens Mobility Supplier Award 2023 in the "Logistics Performance" category.

Photo: Karl Blaim (CFO Siemens Mobility GmbH), Florian Altmann (Co-Founder and CEO INSITE IT GmbH), Rainer Straub (CPO Siemens Mobility GmbH) at the Siemens Mobility Supplier Award 2023 Ceremony.

Siemens Mobility Supplier Award 2023

Siemens Mobility has been a leader in seamless, sustainable, reliable, and secure transportation solutions for over 160 years. As a key player in connected mobility, the company makes a valuable contribution to the mobility and climate transition.

Suppliers who have significantly contributed to the success of the company are annually recognized with the Siemens Mobility Supplier Award. This award is presented in seven categories. In 2023, the Mobility Supplier Event and the Award Ceremony took place on September 26th in Munich.

The "Logistics Performance" category is awarded to INSITE IT.

Photo: Sabrina Späht, Florian Altmann (3rd from the left, Co-Founder and CEO INSITE IT GmbH), Andreas Simader (Co-Founder and CEO INSITE IT GmbH)), Sebastian Hägar, Carsten Berger.

In 2023, Siemens Mobility awarded INSITE IT with the Supplier Award in the category "Logistics Performance".

For many years, INSITE IT has been an integral part of the Siemens Mobility supplier network: As a Trusted Supplier for all Siemens Mobility turn-key solutions, the Austrian software company contributes its logistics, material, and site management system, Insite LMS. Insite LMS is used in all turn-key projects, such as the construction of the Riyadh metro network.

"We are proud that Siemens Mobility relies on Insite LMS as a trusted software in its turn key supply chain. Siemens Mobility projects significantly contribute to the reduction of individual traffic and thus to the reduction of CO2 emissions – INSITE IT is accordingly proud to make a contribution to this important issue," says Florian Altmann, Co-Founder of INSITE IT.

Siemens Mobility particularly appreciates that Insite LMS provides real-time transparency over the entire supply chain and construction site progress. It enables the project team to monitor the progress of material deliveries, the condition of the materials on-site, and the work progress in real-time. This improves the coordination and the information flow worldwide.

Use of Insite LMS at Siemens Mobility

Riyadh Metro Project: Rendering of the driverless subway being constructed by Siemens Mobility (Photo: Siemens Mobility)
  • Siemens Mobility Logistics has been using the Azure cloud platform Insite LMS since 2016.
  • Initially, the system was deployed in the Riyadh Metro project (link to German project description).
  • To date, Insite LMS has handled more than 35,000 units and 120,000 deliveries for Siemens Mobility.
  • Inquiries were reduced by 75% with the system.

"Insite LMS enhances efficiency, communication, and control over the supply chain, leading to successful projects that are completed on time and within budget," reports Sabrina Späth, Project Management Digitalization at Siemens Mobility.

By the way: Read more about the successful collaboration in this article by Siemens Mobility: "Chaos is in the Air".

Thank you for the good long-term collaboration – here's to a high-performing future!

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