Steel plant in action.

Steel Plant Construction: ESP Plant

Success story: efficient assembly, smooth commissioning. This is how Insite LMS creates free space for the real work during plant construction!

Convenience Thanks to Digital Installation Tracking

  • Customer: Austrian machinery and plant construction company
  • City / Country: China
  • Project: Construction of ESP systems
  • Project status: Under construction
  • Completion: 2018
  • Construction time: approx. 3 years

Success Factor Installation Tracking

For this ESP (endless strip processing) plant construction project, installation tracking was the key to success: The project was characterized by particularly efficient installation and commissioning as well as on-time completion. The use of Insite LMS contributed significantly to this. The well-proven solution for the construction of steel plant construction was used for

„Installation tracking is the key to success.
That´s why we have more freedom
to focus on the real work – and not on Excel lists.“

Construction manager ESP facility

Digital & Unified: Reporting & Documentation

Reporting was digitized and unified via Insite LMS. Material transfer documentation was done directly in the software, which generated standardized PDFs as transfer documents. This eliminated inconsistencies in the logistics chain.

Supplier Integration: Convenient Digital Packing Lists

Comprehensive supplier integration was important in this steel plant construction project. All suppliers entered the information that is usually found on packing lists in a prefabricated Excel template. Insite LMS converted this template into a company-specific digital packing list. As a result, different formats were clearly combined into a uniform packing list format.

„This was an important step for us
to get an overall view of all materials
as well as the related logistics information.“

– this is how the site manager sums up this project.