Blue container at port being unloaded from truck. Cell phone with transport management software shows scanning a QR code on a packing list.

Global Logistics &
Transport Management

Worldwide Deliveries to Construction Sites

With Insite LMS, you are in perfect control of the transport situation. Using Insite LMS, suppliers can register deliveries in advance in a standardized, centralized, and secure way. Insite LMS generates all the documents required for transport, including convenient QR codes. This facilitates the easy recording and tracking of all deliveries, both during transport and upon delivery to site.

Convenient Package Registration

Fast data entry, no multiple entries

ERP Integration & Delivery Overviews

Standardized packing, shipping, tracking


Materials Tracking Until Installation

Convenient QR-Codes

Insite LMS is used in 6,000+ projects worldwide.

Transport Management for Industrial Construction: Insite LMS!

Packing list with QR code on red tubes delivered to the construction site.

1. Register Deliveries in Advance

  • Register packages using a standardized workflow
  • Centrally register deliveries
  • Use automatically generated barcodes & packing lists
  • Release routines
  • Tracking of deliveries

Know where - before arrival at the construction site: Using Insite LMS, deliveries can be pre-registered, labelled, centrally recorded in the system, and tracked during transport. This sheds light on all transport-related issues and minimizes the number of manual data entries.

2. Simple Onboarding of Suppliers and Manufacturers

  • Easily integrate suppliers, packagers, and logistics partners
  • Suppliers: use standardized package registration via e-mail & automatic generation of packing lists
  • Packers: pack, repack - warehouse and shipment management
  • Pre-information about planned deliveries & delivery status

Deliveries are recorded at an early stage. Insite LMS, the proven construction site management software, generates all required transport documents including QR codes for tracking the packages.

Port at twilight: transport management software simplifies plant construction project logistics.

Dashboard of Insite LMS, the proven software for transport management and project logistics.

3. Transport Information at the Push of a Button

  • Track deliveries
  • Convenient app - centralized data storage
  • Documentation, reports, dashboards

Worldwide deliveries to construction sites can be conveniently tracked via Insite LMS. In addition, the all-in-one app allows documenting deliveries and managing defects including the necessary documentation (photographs, comments).

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