Construction workes with safety helmet entering construction site. Screenshot of the app for time recording on construction sites on smartphone.

Time Tracking
on Construction

Timesheets on Paper Become Obsolete - Digitally Track Employees, External Contractors and Visitors

You want to know who is where on which construction site? You want to efficiently manage working and rest times as well as the accesses of employees, visitors and service providers? With Insite LMS, digital time tracking on construction sites is as simple, clever and comfortable as never before. The Insite LMS Time App is offline-capable, mobile and secure. It does not require any special equipment.

Digital Time Sheets

at the push of a button

Cell Phone As Terminal

track access, working hours, costs - without any special equipment

Easy Set-Up

no IT know-how necessary

Insite LMS is used in 6,000+ projects worldwide.

Convenient Time Tracking: Insite LMS

mobile time tracking on construction sites; image of a time sheet generated by Insite LMS

1. Track times, locations and costs digitally

  • Time and attendance recording
  • Record visitors, employees and externals
  • Via QR code or NFC tag & app
  • At the touch of a button: times, timesheets, costs, locations.

The solution is quickly up and running. Users entering the site are recorded via an ordinary cell phone or tablet. All that is needed is the Insite LMS Time app and an access card that can be quickly and inexpensively created. The app tracks the access information, so you always know who is on which site and when. Of course, the data can be used for reports at any time. For example, project managers can evaluate daily labor hours, track project costs, create timesheets, or compare planned versus actual efforts.

2. Simple Set-up

  • without special equipment: Cell phone as time terminal
  • simple assembly and installation
  • simple access management

Turn commercially available smartphones and tablets into Time Terminals for construction sites - without any special devices. Cell phones with the Insite LMS Time App installed are mounted on the wall of the respective access point to the construction site. Employees, external service providers and visitors can check in and out via this by holding their access card in front of the device. The device scans the QR code. All data is stored centrally in Insite LMS and can be analyzed at the touch of a button. Access authorizations, access cards and reports are generated in Insite LMS.

Picture of a smartphone with mobile time tracking for construction sites.

Mobile time tracking for construction sites: Access card is generated, printed onto special paper and simply held in front of the smartphone terminal

3. Simple Generation of Access Cards

  • new access cards in less than a minute
  • via standard printers
  • fast & cost effective

New access cards can be easily generated using Insite LMS, a standard printer and special paper: Those persons who are to be granted access to the site are created in the system. These can be employees, visitors and external service providers. At the push of a button, an access card is generated for these users, which is printed out on special paper (protective film) using standard printers.

Why Insite LMS for Time Tracking?

Insite LMS dashboard: working hours for a project.

The daily routine of site managers in increasingly complex industrial plant construction is stressful. Reporting without digital support takes up far too much of their valuable time. With Insite LMS, the time required and the susceptibility to errors for all necessary reports and to-dos are reduced to a minimum.

Those who rely on digital time tracking via Insite LMS Time App will benefit from it on a daily basis: time-consuming and inaccurate recording of work and break times in paper form or working with x Excel lists will then clearly be a thing of the past.

  • reports and real-time info - customizable dashboards
  • easy set-up - no IT knowledge necessary
  • flexible solution

How time tracking works with Insite LMS

1. Project team: terminal installation

  • Install Time App on mobile device (e.g. smartphone)
  • Mount device at the access point of the construction site

2. Project team: generate access cards

  • Define user authorization in Insite LMS & generate access cards
  • Print cards using standard printer (special paper)
  • Issue cards

3. Employees, visitors or service providers: check in and check out

  • Hold card with QR code in front of terminal (cell phone or tablet) - time recording starts
  • Hold card in front of terminal again - time recording ends

4. Project team: evaluate times and accesses

  • Generate evaluations and reports in Insite LMS
  • Timesheets for all project team members & construction sites at the push of a button

What can I track with Insite LMS?

Examples of information you can track with the Insite LMS Time App:

  • Who is on which job site?
  • Who is working and for how long - working hours, break times?
  • Attendance tracking
  • Hourly rates and costs

What is the advantage of Insite LMS for time tracking on construction sites?

Insite LMS is used for efficient and practical management of construction sites in industrial plant engineering. With the Time App, Insite LMS solves the issue of digital time tracking on industrial construction sites as robustly as it does elegantly: in just a few steps, the solution is ready for use. New users are quickly created and access cards can be generated inexpensively and quickly. All information about accesses, working hours and costs are available at the push of a button.

Site Human Resources under Control!

With INSITE IT's time tracking system, you have alle site human resources on your construction sites well under control.

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