documentation of all data on the construction site


Data management par excellence.

Especially in the case of large construction sites, logistics is an extremely complex issue. Its digitalization makes sense: no search for documents or delivery notes and easier detection of defects. Digital material management provides measurable results which significantly increase the quality of major projects and facilitate processing. Document the construction progress with the digital construction site in real time.

Focus on the important areas of your construction site and leave the documentation to Insite LMS. We will show you the advantages for your project with the aid of a reference example!

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Pilot project

Is Insite LMS the right tool for optimizing your processes? Don´t speculate, give it a try! Start now a digital pilot project for your construction site with us.


This case study shows how easily integrated daily log and time recording for external suppliers on construction sites are. Have a look into it and learn about the added values of Insite LMS.

Steel plant construction

Insite LMS Cloud Solution increases quality and reduces error rates. The software specifically designed for plant engineering ensures a flexible coordination of the material flow.


With a driverless subway, Saudi Arabia is setting new standards. Insite LMS ensures system integration as well as mastering material and value flow complexity. 

Steel plant construction

For this Endless Strip Processing Plant the software installation tracker was the key to success. This project was characterized by a particularly efficient timely process.

Energy recovery

Excellent data management: A Swiss technology company uses Insite LMS for the entire construction process of an energy-from-waste facility.