Digitalize industrial construction sites with Insite LMS construction site app


Your projects require an agile working method – nowadays more than ever!

Partners from all over the world use the powerful Insite LMS for their projects!

The digital revolution in plant construction increases efficiency and optimization potential on large construction sites. Digitizing and accelerating processes as well as optimizing workflows is easily done with the Insite LMS app, an unbeatable construction site software especially designed for industrial plant construction. The modern construction site becomes reality with the Insite LMS construction site app. Even time recording, construction diary, material and deviation management, construction progress and logistics are digitally mapped in the tool.

In a live demo, we show you how to manage your construction site via computer or mobile phone.

Save valuable time, continuously reduce costs, and successfully manage construction sites with Insite LMS.

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Digitalize industrial construction sites with Insite LMS construction site app

This is how BIM-based construction site logistics becomes reality

Experience the digital construction site live! The reliable and stable Insite LMS app ensures just-in-time material flow. In the case study, a Swiss construction logistics expert shows how he benefits from app-supported construction site management. Find out how digitized, BIM-based construction site logistics ensures optimized material and construction site management.

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The digital construction site implemented correctly

Better collaboration in deviation management. Facilitation through automation. Digital daily construction reports and rapid progress assessment. All these buzzwords were perfectly implemented in its project by the Austrian plant engineering company BERTSCHenergy.

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Digitalize industrial construction sites with Insite LMS construction site app

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TGW Logistics Group

TGW builds highly automated, efficient and future-proof intralogistics systems. Through the use of Insite LMS accross all projects, great value and benefits were generated.


During the construction of a new fluidized bed boiler plant at a paper mill the plant builder BERTSCHenergy documented all deviations without paperwork in Insite LMS.


BIM-based site logistics becomes reality with the Insite LMS app. Swiss construction logistics expert Welti-Furrer AG transfers logistics expertise to the construction site.

Steel plant construction

For this Endless Strip Processing Plant the software installation tracker was the key to success. This project was characterized by a particularly efficient timely process.


With a driverless subway, Saudi Arabia is setting new standards. Insite LMS ensures system integration as well as mastering material and value flow complexity. 


This case study shows how easily integrated daily log and time recording on construction sites are. Learn more about into the added values of Insite LMS.

HBI plant construction

Insite LMS increases quality and reduces error rates. The powerful app specifically designed for plant engineering ensures a flexible coordination of the material flow.

Energy recovery

Excellent data management: A Swiss technology company uses Insite LMS for the entire construction process of an energy-from-waste facility.

Pilot project

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