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Software Insite LMS

Insite LMS is a software for logistics, material and shortage management. LMS stands for Lean Management System. The smart solution collects all activities necessary for creating value at one point and matches them. Insite LMS optimizes the processes through centralized data management. The software has high demand for individuality and quality. It also contributes significantly to the competitiveness of a company.

Your result: Stable processes with high customer orientation, accurate process definitions, quick interventions in case of errors or deficiencies and avoidance of waste of all types.


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Basic Premium

The industrial plant construction software

Efficiency is a top priority for every industrial construction site. As experts in this field we support construction site logistics, material handling and site organization. Insite LMS software works even in the most remote areas of the world.


Always on your Site.


The production of energy plants with maximum efficiency requires detailed planning and careful handling – both is achieved with Insite LMS.


Numerous international steel plant builders already benefit from a smooth software implementation and from its quick integration of all partner companies into their project.


The geographic and technical challenge of hydroelectric power plants is often a complex issue, that Insite LMS is mastering through the integration of additional modules.


In case of mobility projects around the world, the Insite LMS software demonstrates its strengths in logistics and material handling – thus, large amounts of data are managed well.


While constructing pulp and paper factories, Insite LMS records material data elaborately and provides transparency through prompt defect detection.

Modernization decommissioning

Insite LMS is a perfect material handling and site management tool for the construction of processing and waste incineration plants and is also used for execution of logistics process.

Managing projects in plant construction with Insite LMS dashboard



Major projects require a flexible and agile working method – nowadays more than ever! The digital revolution in plant engineering enormously raises efficiency on site.


Insite LMS captivates with its easy handling and ensures a consistent, safe and reliable construction site management within your company.

Completely offline-capable

A well working internet connection cannot be taken for granted everywhere. Insite LMS nevertheless digitally records the material and logistics data. 


When handling major projects, there is high demand foroptimizing processes and avoiding standing times – for example through digital materials-, logistics- and delivery management.


In case of large construction sites, logistics is a complex issue. To work digitally makes sense: no manual search for documents or delivery notes and easier detection of defects.


Digitize your processes. All persons involved simultaneously receive tailored information to their area – to put it differently, the project status at the touch of a button.

We provide comprehensive consultancy to optimize your project, to save costs and to find a professional solution for your site logistics and the material handling. Let us together ensure your project success!

Insite LMS in action. Watch the movie!

Immerse yourself in the world of digital construction site management and see how the use of Insite LMS can improve your processes. From the order through the production and the logistics process to the installation, each step is documented in detail.


Always on your Site.


Pilot project

Is Insite LMS the right tool for optimizing your processes? Don´t speculate, give it a try! Start now a digital pilot project for your construction site with us.


This case study shows how easily integrated daily log and time recording for external suppliers on construction sites are. Have a look into it and learn about the added values of Insite LMS.

Steel plant construction

Insite LMS Cloud Solution increases quality and reduces error rates. The software specifically designed for plant engineering ensures a flexible coordination of the material flow.


With a driverless subway, Saudi Arabia is setting new standards. Insite LMS ensures system integration as well as mastering material and value flow complexity. 

Steel plant construction

For this Endless Strip Processing Plant the Insite LMS installation tracking was the key to success. This project was characterized by a particularly efficient timely process.

Energy recovery

Excellent data management: A Swiss technology company uses Insite LMS for the entire construction process of an energy-from-waste facility.