Construction of a Direct Reduction Plant - several cranes and materials, blue sky.

Construction of a Direct Reduction Plant

Flagship project: How the Insite LMS cloud solution is used for efficient project logistics, global collaboration, real-time info & straightforward reporting.

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Insite LMS: Project Quality Boost

  • Customer: Austrian technology and industrial goods group
  • City / Country: USA
  • Project type: Construction of a HBI plant
  • Project status: Completed
  • Completion: 2016
  • Construction time: 2,5 years

Global Collaboration & Real-time Information

The logistics for a large project such as the construction of a direct reduction plant (HBI, Hot Briquetted Iron) are complex.

In this project, the customer and suppliers use the cloud solution Insite LMS to optimise project management. Insite LMS was tailor-made for logistics, material and site management in plant construction.


  • Around 30,000 tons of individual parts were managed via the software.
  • Up to ten companies were involved in delivery and assembly.
  • The error rate in the project was significantly reduced.
  • Project quality was significantly increased.

Use of Insite LMS

  • materials management
  • defect management
  • progress assessment
  • reporting


  • flexible coordination of materials flow
  • holistic real-time information for stakeholders
  • optimised planning - real-time data