ESP plant construction in China

"Installation tracking is the key to success. That´s why we have more freedom to focus on the real work and not on Excel lists."

Construction manager ESP facility

  • Customer: Austrian machinery and plant construction company
  • City / Country: China
  • Project: Construction of ESP systems
  • Project status: Under construction
  • Completion: 2018
  • Construction time: approx. 3 years

Installation tracking in top form

The project was marked by a timely and particularly efficient procedure for assembling and commissioning the ESP systems (endless strip systems). The use of Insite LMS software was a major contributor to the success of this project. Apart from logistics, installation tracking and progress evaluation were also carried out. The basis for this was the digital material management, which also enabled a central defect detection. 

The comprehensive supplier integration over all projects was important. In a pre-made Excel template, all vendors entered the information that is normally found on the packlists. INSITE IT converted this template into a company-specific packing list and digitized the data. Different formats were thus eliminated and summarized into a uniform packlist format. "This was an important step for us to obtain an overall overview of all materials as well as the associated logistics information," summarizes the construction manager of this project.

Another benefit of using Insite LMS was the consistent reporting. The material transfer was documented directly in the software, wich generated standardized PDFs as delivery documents. There are no more discrepancies in the logistics chain anymore.