Energy recovery: Plant for waste incineration.

Energy Recovery: Digitizing EfW Plant Construction

For the efficient construction of an energy-from-waste plant, a Swiss technology company utilized Insite LMS. See how data quality and project execution have benefitted!

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Optimize Processes & Data Quality with Insite LMS

  • Client: Swiss specialist for energy production from waste
  • City / Country: Great Britain
  • Project type: Construction of a plant for energy production from waste
  • Project status: In progress
  • lanned completion: 2018
  • Construction time: approx. 2 years


A Swiss recycling specialist relies on Insite LMS for digitizing the entire construction process of an energy-from-waste (EfW) plant in the UK. Insite LMS digitalizes the entire process from packaging, transport organization, document management, construction site delivery to warehouse management!

Outstanding Data Quality

What is so special about this project is the exceptionally high quality of the data processed in Insite LMS.

Within the first three months after project start, 10,000 BOM items have already been imported. BOMs are fully linked to logistics. This means that everyone involved in the project can see where each piece is currently located.

By using Insite LMS, the following information, among others, can be retrieved at any time:

  • stock levels,
  • packaging progress,
  • pick-up date and
  • expected delivery date

The main advantage of this is that valid data gives the project team full project control and the flexibility to react quickly if necessary.

„Insite LMS provides the necessary foundation
for a digital process. Based on this,
we can identify and realize optimization potential.“

Project manager – modernization section.


  • Insite LMS provides properly linked and valid real-time data from which appropriate actions points can be deduced.
  • There are no more media disruptions along the entire process, as each process step always references the base data and data is augmented in each case rather than specified again and again.
  • The incorporation of Insite LMS into this energy recovery plant construction project clearly showed how positive it is not only to digitize a process, but to optimize it even further.