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Infrastructure Projects: How Insite LMS Optimizes Metro Construction

Controlling the flow of materials and values: Insite LMS is the solution for what is currently the largest infrastructure project in the megacity of Riyadh.

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Project Management on a New Level

  • Customer: Siemens AG
  • City / Country: Riad / Saudi-Arabia
  • Project Construction of a metro network
  • Project status: In progress
  • Planned completion: 2019
  • Construction time: 5 years

Infrastructure Project

In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the technology group Siemens AG is responsible for supplying the system integration of the rail technology for the approximately 64 km long metro network, which will be built within five years. In addition, Siemens AG is constructing two of the total of six metro lines and building 67 driverless metro vehicles.


  • complex materials management
  • numerous subcontractors and international suppliers
  • construction site locations spread across the entire city


Insite LMS is used to keep track of all logistics, material and site management processes. On the way to the construction sites and on site!


With Insite LMS, deliveries can be coordinated and handovers to installation companies and any defects can be documented. Materials info and storage locations is digitally available at any time. The project teams benefit from up-to-date information on construction progress and transparency. Insite LMS also becomes an efficient bridge from SAP to a customer-specific invoicing system.

Timely Value Flow - Simplified Reporting

Using Insite LMS, material reports, among other things, can be generated early - allowing for timely invoicing.

Transparency - and Everyone Benefits!

Insite LMS supports all parties involved to work together transparently. Information is available centrally and in real time, all proceedings are traceable and reliably documented.

„With Insite LMS we set up one central tool
for all colleagues in the project.
Insite LMS is now the one and only database
for materials management for the project.“

Karl Bareth, Head of Logistics and Mobility´s Turnkey Projects & Electrification Business Unit


The flow of materials and values can be optimally controlled. The process is

  • more efficient, flexible and reliable for the customer and
  • more comprehensible, more convenient and simpler for all project participants.

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