Mastering material and value flow complexity

"With the Insite LMS we set up one central tool for all colleagues in the project. Insite LMS is now the one and only database for materials management for the project."

Karl Bareth

Head of Logistics and Mobility´s Turnkey Projects & Electrification Business Unit

  • Customer: Siemens AG
  • City / Country: Riad / Saudi-Arabia
  • Project Construction of a metro network
  • Project status: In progress
  • Planned completion: 2019
  • Construction time: 5 years

Insite LMS is the one central system with interfaces to SAP and an invoicing tool

The international technology group Siemens AG provides the system integration of railway technology for the entire metro network of about 64 kilometers, which will be built within five years. In addition, they also build two of the six metro lines and 67 unmanned metro vehicles. The difficulty with this project lies in the high amount of sub-companies and the complicated materials management. The digital recording of the entire material flow is necessary for the maintenance of an overview of this large construction site. With Insite LMS, it is possible to coordinate the deliveries and document defects as well as the handover to assembly companies. The project team has full transparency about the status of materials.

Insite LMS is the tailor made system for the Riad metro project. It provides fully transparency to material and value flow complexity to the project team. 

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