Construction site logistics: construction site with containers, tent as temporary storage, truck delivering materials and numerous parts that are stored outside.

Digital Construction Site Logistics

From model to assembly: Welti-Furrer opts for Insite LMS to control the flow of materials during the rebuilding of a renowned Swiss retailer.

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Insite LMS App in Action

  • Customer: Welti-Furrer
  • City / Country: Swiss
  • Project type: Reconstruction Retailer
  • Project status: Completed
  • Completion: 2021
  • Construction time: 12 months

How BIM-based Construction Site Logistics Become Reality

In this project, Welti-Furrer demonstrates the potential of optimised, digitalised construction site logistics, which facilitates the BIM-supported realisation of construction projects. For the rebuilding of a large Swiss retailer, the Insite LMS construction site software was used to provide the data and process basis for the registration and interim storage of the delivered parts.

Swiss logistics expert Welti-Furrer uses the Insite LMS app to manage the flow of materials. Based on the time schedule, materials are delivered to the installation and assembly points on time. The entire site management is made much easier.

Material Under Control

This is how Insite LMS is used for construction site logistics in this project:

  • Digital control of material flow
  • Data and process basis for materials management
  • Documentation of material deliveries
  • Interim storage and warehouse management