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Health and Safety in Construction – This App Streamlines HSE Tasks!

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How to use Insite LMS to digitally manage on-site safety.

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The Best Construction Site …

... is clearly the one where nothing bad happens.


In 2021, according to the DGUV (Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung), there were a total of 806,217 reportable accidents in Germany alone, of which 103,525 were in the construction industry; in this year, there were a total of 510 fatal accidents - 85 in the construction industry alone.


When it comes to onsite safety, the clear priority must be to absolutely prevent (not just minimize!) any physical harm or loss of life to anyone involved.

What Matters in Health Safety Environment in Construction

Screenshot of Dashboard with HSE incidents grouped by cause

Hazardous situations must be documented, reported and remedied promptly, safely and traceably. In plant construction, it is therefore best to manage HSE-relevant processes digitally.

With the Insite LMS app, you can easily tackle HSE activities and thus the topic of on-site safety.

This solution is tailor-made for industrial construction and supports:

  1. swift recording and documentation of HSE activities
  2. fast processing and elimination of HSE incidents
  3. HSE evaluations and transparent processing

Capture Health Safety Environment Incidents Quickly via App

Screenshot of the app with photo documentation of the HSE incidents.

HSE related incidents can be recorded and documented via Insite LMS (app specialized for industrial plant construction projects).

  • Hazardous locations, risks and safety-related occurrences are easily documented on a cell phone at the construction site.
  • Pictures, videos, audio recordings, notes and comments are attached as required.

This keeps HSE activities verifiable and traceable. In addition, all HSE tasks can be processed quickly and transparently.

Expedited Handling of Health Safety Environment Issues via Insite LMS

Screenshot der App: HSE-Vorfall wird am Handy erfasst.

The app supports the efficient resolving of HSE-relevant incidents. All necessary tasks can be forwarded to the responsible persons via Insite LMS and the processing of these tasks can be monitored.

View HSE Reports & Know HSE Status at any Time.

HSE dashboard in Insite LMS provides all info at a glance.

Insite LMS enables this: The status of the processing of HSE activities can be viewed and tracked at any time. HSE evaluations are available at the push of a button.

Discover Insite LMS for the Management of Health and Safety in Construction.

Site manager with cellphone and yellow safety helmet.

Wondering if Insite LMS is right for your projects? We are convinced: With Insite LMS you will manage health and safety on the construction site better than ever before. See for yourself!

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