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4 Reasons Why Construction Software Outperforms ERP Systems on Site

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That's why on the construction site, one should use tried-and-tested, specialized solutions and not try to adapt traditional ERP systems.

Site manager see the special Insite LMS software on four monitors. This gives him an overview of his projects.

At a Glance

  1. ERP systems do not adequately meet the needs of construction sites.
  2. In particular, in terms of practicality, flexibility and usability, ERPs may have deficiencies on the construction site.
  3. Special construction software excels in the areas of cost, control and flexibility.

4 Reasons for Using Construction Software on Site

Managing construction sites with specialized software instead of via ERP only often saves time and reduces one's worries. Why?

Managing construction sites with specialized software instead of via ERP often saves time and nerves.

1. Practical Suitability

Special software designed specifically for industrial plant construction projects specifically addresses the needs of construction sites. It is easy to use and understand, allowing new users to start using it immediately. Users on the construction site prefer this kind of solution and only solutions that are actually used can truly support projects.

  • flexibility
  • usability
  • fast integration of external partners

With a field-proven platform for industrial construction, you can manage logistics, materials and site management for all projects worldwide along the entire supply chain - and track materials from production to assembly.

ERP on the construction site? Try Insite LMS instead, the platform for plant engineering.

2. Real-time information and easy collaboration

Insite LMS is a platform that serves as a "Single Source of Truth" (central source for real-time data) for all users on the construction site and in the back offices, providing a unified view of the projects. The teams use real-time information and work seamlessly together.

Because Insite LMS was developed specifically for plant engineering, users enjoy using the app.

3. Low Training and Maintenance Effort

Solutions like Insite LMS support a wide range of use cases. This means that you don't have to implement a separate app for every single use case. This makes users happy and significantly reduces the training and maintenance effort.

Digital progress tracking on a special app for construction sites.

4. No more Paper, Excel List and Data Chaos in Projects

Insite LMS eliminates paper, Excel list and data chaos in projects, freeing up time for manual tasks, searching, formatting, etc. In this way, project teams get their valuable time back for what is important to them: construction activities.

Platform for Plant Engineering vs. ERP Systems

Characteristics of plant engineering projects

Each plant engineering project is unique. Projects are characterized by:

  • constantly changing project teams, customers, countries, etc.
  • high complexity
  • global supply chains - dependence on material availability
  • On-site personnel are not IT specialists and are primarily looking for solutions that are practical.
  • "The only standard is that there is no standard."

What are disadvantages of ERP systems for managing industrial construction sites?

ERP-Systems tend to be inflexible, difficult to use in practice, expensive (such as system customization) and resource-intensive (training, maintenance) on construction site. This leads to rejection by users.

What solutions are needed on the construction site?

What users want in their daily lives on the construction site:

  • simple app for all use cases
  • optimal usability
  • highest practicality: covering real use cases
  • easy collaboration with subcontractors
Insite LMS on laptop

Insite LMS: The Solution for Plant Engineering

Are you interested in growing beyond traditional ERP systems for your projects? Let's discuss how Insite LMS can positively support your projects from the start!

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Since the company was founded in 2012, INSITE IT GmbH has continuously become the professional partner for plant engineers. The software company is headquartered in Linz (AT) and develops software solutions for materials, logistics and site management in plant engineering.

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