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4 Reasons Why Construction Software Outperforms ERP Systems on Site

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Industrial construction: That's why you shouldn't “bend” conventional ERPs, but rely on a system specialized in industrial construction for all use cases on site.

Construction site with labels indicating the solution areas a special system for on-site use should cover.

At a Glance

  1. ERP systems do not cover the requirements of construction sites in a way that is suitable for on-site use.
  2. ERPs have deficits on the construction site, particularly in terms of their practical suitability, flexibility and usability.
  3. Dedicated construction site software also scores highly when it comes to costs, project control and flexibility.

Platform for industrial construction vs. ERP systems

Special requirements of industrial construction projects

Each project is unique.

  • constantly varying project teams, service providers, customers, countries, etc.
  • global supply chains - dependence on materials availability#
  • people on site are not IT specialists, they want to have ready-to-use solutions.#
  • “The only standard is that there is no standard.”

What are the disadvantages of ERP systems on the construction site?

ERP systems often provide inadequate support for users on site. They tend to be

  • not very flexible
  • not very practical
  • expensive (e.g. system customization)
  • resource-intensive (training, maintenance)

In the worst case, the result is rejection by the user.

Which system do you need in construction on site?

What the teams on site want:

  • easy-to-use solution for all use cases
  • excellent user-friendliness
  • field suitability: coverage of real use cases
  • simple collaboration with all co-workers, service providers and suppliers

4 good reasons for the use of construction site software in detail

Managing construction sites with special software instead of via ERP often saves time and frustration.

1. Field-proven system that satisfies users

Software that has been tailored to projects in industrial construction covers the requirements of construction sites to perfection. It is simple to use and easy to understand, so that new users can get started straight away. This system is

  • user-friendly,
  • flexible and supports the
  • fast integration of external partners.

Users are happy to use such a solution on site - and only solutions that are actively used truly support project efficiency.

By the way: With the tried-and-tested Insite LMS platform, you can manage the project and construction site logistics of your projects worldwide along the entire supply chain - and track materials from logistics to installation.

ERP on the construction site? Try Insite LMS, the platform for plant engineering, instead.

2. Real-time information & easy collaboration

As a “single source of truth” ( one central source of real-time data), a platform such as Insite LMS offers all those involved on site and in the back offices a consistent view of the projects. Teams have access to real-time information and can work together smoothly (collaboration functionality).

Because Insite LMS was developed specifically for plant engineering, users enjoy using the app.

3. Minimum implementation, training and maintenance costs

If you rely on the appropriate dedicated system, you save yourself unnecessary expenses for ERP adaptations, complex system implementations, training and also for the maintenance of countless individual apps. Solutions such as Insite LMS support the relevant use cases on the construction site, in the back offices and in project logistics. As a result, there is no need to laboriously “bend” an ERP or implement a separate app for every use case, no matter how small. This makes life easier for everyone.

Digital progress tracking on a special app for construction sites.

4. Eliminate multiple efforts and list chaos – Increase efficiency

The appropriate system eliminates the widespread chaos of data and Excel lists in projects. Unnecessary efforts for searching and formatting as well as time-consuming manual activities etc. are eliminated. This frees up time for more important things: the efficient construction of the system.  

Insite LMS on laptop

Insite LMS: The platform for industrial construction

Excellent coverage of use cases on site - with ONE system developed specifically for this purpose! Let's talk how Insite LMS can facilitate your projects.


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