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5 Reasons for Digital Construction Project Documentation via Insite LMS

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In industrial plant engineering, documentation effort is constantly increasing. This costs valuable time. Those who rely on Insite LMS, on the other hand, document projects digitally, easily, and in a time-saving manner.

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Time is a valuable asset that must be used as efficiently as possible. In industrial plant construction, the ever-increasing documentation effort quickly becomes an enormous "time eater". Conventional construction project documentation via paper, e-mail, Excel and the like is not only time-consuming, but also error-prone and a task that rarely appeals to project teams. Insite LMS, the platform for industrial construction sites, provides a solution for the digital construction project documentation. The all-in-one app has proven itself in over 5,000 projects worldwide.

1. Simplification of the Daily Construction Activities

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Digitalization must never be an end in itself, quite the opposite! It must quickly provide clear added value for users and the project.

Project teams using Insite LMS, the field-tested software for construction project documentation, are optimally supported by the simple, fast and mobile documentation features. Thanks to Insite LMS, nothing is forgotten or left undone when it comes to documentation: By using the convenient app, information such as photos, notes and descriptions can be digitally recorded and centrally stored on an ongoing basis. Important information is available at all times at the push of a button.

Insite LMS, the professional solution for construction project documentation, makes it possible to record defects and create construction diaries and various reports at the touch of a button. This means that project teams no longer lose time and can concentrate on the important tasks - above all, on construction itself.


»Rely on proven solutions from plant construction professionals. […] Insite LMS was tailor-made for construction site needs and developed in close cooperation with the users. That's ideal.«

Heinz Pichler, Vice President Global Site Operations ANDRITZ Hydro


2. Field-proven around the Globe

construction project documentation,  project map, Insite LMS is in use worldwide

Insite LMS, the Platform for Industrial Construction Sites, has been used on over 5,000 projects in more than 80 countries and by more than 10,000 users. The software is used by technology providers, contractors and plant operators in the metals, energy, chemicals, pulp and paper, mining and material handling industries.

Want to learn more about projects using Insite LMS? Here you can find our case studies.

3. By Plant Engineering Professionals for Plant Engineering Professionals

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Insite LMS was planned, implemented and continuously improved together with international mechanical and plant engineering companies. By bringing together the know-how in the development of the software, an efficient and convenient construction project documentation solution was established, supporting project teams optimally in the collection and usage of relevant data.


»The wide range of functions was an important
decision point for Insite LMS and also convinced the colleagues on site. The quality and
and transparency in the execution were significantly increased and the foundation for further developments was laid.

Mag. Werner Pummer, Assembly and commissioning manager BERTSCHenergy


4. Tailored for Site Needs

construction project documentation, Insite LMS in use - Site Manager uses Insite LMS on laptop

The software's wide range of functions, such as expediting/manufacturing monitoring, materials management, defect management or creation of a construction site diary, all ensure smooth digital construction project documentation directly on the construction site. The all-in-one app covers all relevant processes of the supply chain, from manufacturing to installation, and is designed to meet the requirements of industrial plant construction professionals.

5. Always On Your Site

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INSITE IT offers more than just an app. We care deeply about establishing a partnership with our customers. We are "Always On Your Site." Whether it is help with implementation and integration into existing systems, support in day-to-day business, or general consulting - the INSITE IT team supports their partners as they require and on an individual basis, so that nothing gets in the way of the digital construction site.


construction project documentation, tablet with photo of an industrial construction site
  • Insite LMS was developed by plant construction professionals for plant construction professionals with a clear focus on the requirements of industrial plant construction sites.
  • Using the solution, all information from the construction site can be digitally recorded via an app and stored centrally in a cloud.
  • This enables traceable construction project documentation that can be accessed by all project members around the world at the touch of a button.
  • In short, digital construction project documentation simplifies the stressful daily routine on the construction site and leaves time for the important things - construction.

Insite LMS, the platform for industrial plant construction, was developed by INSITE IT in direct cooperation with project teams on site. A construction site is multifaceted, so Insite LMS supports not only digital defect management and digital construction diaries, but all relevant areas of the supply chain, such as transport management or digital progress assessment. Learn more about the extensive features of Insite LMS.

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