Digital materials management: industrial site with storage locations and lots of blue pipes. Screen of materials management app on cell phone.

Materials Management

Materials Management:
With Insite LMS, You Have Your Materials under Control!

Knowing what materials are planned and when they will arrive at site is becoming increasingly important for the success of construction projects:

Shorter project lead times and higher cost pressures force projects leaders to implement an efficient materials management program.

With Insite LMS, you can achieve that efficiency by tracking materials easily from the supplier through shipping and transport to arrival at the construction site and all the way to installation.

Know What's Coming

Know all delivery dates in advance

Secure End-to-end Cloud Solution

Recording, tracking, delivery, control, warehouse management and withdrawal via app

Reduce Standing Times

Detect critical paths in advance & optimize the use of materials

Insite LMS is used in 6,000+ projects worldwide.

How Digital Materials Management via Insite LMS Makes your Day-to-Day Construction Work Easier

With Insite LMS, project teams rely on the professional solution for materials management in industrial plant construction. Managers and project teams bring materials management and site logistics under their control. Pre-registered deliveries are handled conveniently via QR codes and smartphone scans. Using Insite LMS, you always know which deliveries are coming. In addition, you eliminate tiresome multiple data entries. Insite LMS is particularly specialized in pipeline construction (parts list tracking & buildability analyses) and steel construction management (comprehensive planning options).

Packing list including QR code: Insite LMS generates documents required for transport and digital materials handling.

1. Materials Management: Goods Receipt - Knowing What and When will be Delivered

  • Integration with ERP or Insite LMS Direct supplier process
  • Know all delivery data in advance
  • Documented container inventory

Deliveries can be pre-registered via Insite LMS. This way, all delivery information is available to the project team in advance. If packing was done via Insite LMS, photos of the container contents are already available. This way, you know in advance what unloading equipment is needed.

2. Acceptance of Goods, Inspection & Checks via app - Materials Management via App

  • Easy acceptance of goods via app: barcode scan
  • Convenient deviation management + photo documentation
  • Storage location management & GPS position
  • Reports & signatures

Relying on Insite LMS, materials management becomes consistent and convenient. Upon arrival at the construction site, deliveries are easily recorded via the app (on a cell phone or tablet). The QR code on the respective packages is scanned. Any defects can be conveniently recorded and documented via the same app.

Materials management: Material takeover by scanning QR code on site using the Insite LMS app on phone.

Material Management: Computer with dashboard - track material from supplier to assembly.

3. Standardized Withdrawal Process in Materials Management

  • Material reservations & removal via app
  • At the push of a button: documentation, reports, dashboards
  • Centralized, up-to-date stock information

As soon as material is needed for installation, the material is requested by the construction team using Insite LMS. Once materials are ordered in Insite LMS, they are reserved. At the time of retrieval from the storage location, stock quantity is reduced accordingly. All operations are digitally documented and available for reports, dashboards, and queries at any time.

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