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Insite LMS - The industrial plant construction software

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  • Site Management

Insite LMS was developed together with renowned international plant construction companies and technology provider.

With our know how and the Insite LMS software, we improve your construction processes along the whole supply chain. Digital & efficient and sustainable.

The Insite LMS software combines know-how of more than 1000 successful projects and is the perfect tool for construction sites.

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Insite LMS - Our Know-how for your success

Manufacturing Tracking & Logistics
Manufacturing Tracking and Logistics
Material Tracking & Site Logistics
Material Tracking and Site Logistics
Defects Management
Deviation Management and Documentation
Site Management
Site Management and Installation Tracking

Insite LMS - highly customizable cloud solution

Insite LMS Corporate

One corporate solution for many construcion site use cases

Insite LMS Corporate combines all Insite LMS Use-Cases into a single product.

This ensure smooth integration, high efficient workflows and low training efforts due to high usability.

Many customizing options are available for seamless IT integration into your current environment.

Insite LMS

The perfect solution for your project and use case.

Are you looking for a software that supports a specific use case?

Choose the Insite LMS product that fits you best!

Insite LMS is available for

  • Manufacturing Tracking & Logistics
  • Site Logistics & Material Tracking
  • Deviation Management
  • Site Management & Progress Monitoring

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Insite LMS Use Cases

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Manufacturing Tracking and Logistics

Manufacturing Tracking

Display of production status and detailed tracking of activities, checklists and delays including pictures documentation and defects. Powerful reporting options!


We support all major logistics processes from packing, labelling and transport. In addition we provide interface for packing centers and forwarders.

QR Code / RFID

QR Codes, Barcodes & RFID Tags are supported.

Material Tracking and Site Logistics

Bill of Materials Integration

Display and track based on Bill of Materials. Plan your installation with build-ability checks.

Material Tracking

The material is delivered from different countries of the world. With this module all delivery data are visible at a glance.

Site Logistics

Who accepted the delivery? Where is it? Was everything delivered? Were materials damaged? Insite LMS construction site logistics knows it all!

Deviation Management and Documentation


The dashboard shows the status of orders, deliveries, packages or deviations.

Deviation Management

Record defects in detail with photo documentation on your mobile phone or tablet directly on the construction site.

Defects and Cost Overview

Defects handling at a glance. Easy overview of costs and responsibilities.

Site Management and Installation Tracking

Installation Tracking

Insite LMS records installation progress for each area of ​​the job site and provides data for schedules or deviations.

Daily / Weekly Journal

Standardized and easy reporting options.

Time Recording

The tool fully documents the presence of employees and external suppliers at the construction site.


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Insite LMS applications

The Insite LMS Suite contains of an extensive desktop application, mobile applications and the option of supplier integration. The organization will either purchase a project license or user-base licenses. Insite LMS is precisely tailored to the different user needs and variably adapted to the project or the company.

Does Insite LMS work in your IT-environment? Let´s have a look at the requirements!

Insite LMS

The Insite LMS software digitally maps all project data, from engineering to logistics to production, and displays real-time information from mobile applications.

Insite LMS Tablet App

Designed for robust Windows tablets, the Insite LMS Tablet app acts as an on-site interface to scan deliveries on the construction site or detect defects.

Insite LMS App

As a classic app for Android and iOS devices, the Insite LMS App organizes all data for logistics, material and defect management on the construction site.

Insite LMS Web

The web portal is an interface that enables suppliers and forwarders to directly enter materials and logistics data via the web browser.


Always on your Site.


Pilot project

Is Insite LMS the right tool for optimizing your processes? Don´t speculate, give it a try! Start now a digital pilot project for your construction site with us.


This case study shows how easily integrated daily log and time recording for external suppliers on construction sites are. Have a look into it and learn about the added values of Insite LMS.

Steel plant construction

Insite LMS Cloud Solution increases quality and reduces error rates. The software specifically designed for plant engineering ensures a flexible coordination of the material flow.


With a driverless subway, Saudi Arabia is setting new standards. Insite LMS ensures system integration as well as mastering material and value flow complexity. 

Steel plant construction

For this Endless Strip Processing Plant the software installation tracker was the key to success. This project was characterized by a particularly efficient timely process.

Energy recovery

Excellent data management: A Swiss technology company uses Insite LMS for the entire construction process of an energy-from-waste facility.