Getting Started
Is That Easy!

3 Simple Steps to Project Success

Thanks to our 3 simple and field-proven steps, getting started with Insite LMS is easy and straightforward. First, you will get to know the app. You and your team can then quickly use various functions during a test phase. Step by step, Insite LMS reduces the time spent on organizational challenges to a minimum. And you are given more time for the essentials: construction-related activities.

1. Initial Meeting with App Presentation

Clarify questions and get to know our app

2. Test Phase

Test the app in your construction project

3. Take Off

Have a smooth start with our all-in-one construction site solution

3 Steps to Eliminating Paper Chaos on Large Construction Sites

Insite LMS: In the initial meeting with app presentation, we clarify your questions.

1. Initial Meeting with App Presentation

In a non-binding appointment, we will clarify any questions and discuss how Insite LMS can positively support your projects. We will be happy to give you a comprehensive presentation of our app. We will be pleased to hold the appointment in person or via Microsoft Teams, depending on your preference and the respective circumstances.

2. Test Phase

You and your project team can try Insite LMS in a 3-month test phase. At the beginning of this test phase, we will define with which project and scope you will test Insite LMS. Benefit from our experience of over 6,000 customer projects: Right from the start, you will benefit from our solution, an easy start and appreciated quick wins. We will support you in all necessary preparations and are at your side whenever needed.

3. Take Off

Did the experiences in the test phase convince you and your team? We will continue to support you wherever needed, including long-term implementation and support. We look forward to a successful partnership.

Getting Started Is That Easy!

Florian Altmann

We will be happy to consult and support you on your way to your digital construction site. Our experience from over 6,000 projects will benefit you at every stage.

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  • Check applicability to your projects
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Insite LMS Benefits

Our all-in-one construction site solution is field-proven in plant and mechanical engineering projects all over the world and used on large construction sites. We are plant construction experts ourselves and have developed Insite LMS to give you and your team more time for what really matters: construction-related activities.

6,000+ Projects Worldwide

Secure & Efficient

Paperless Processes

User-friendly Interface


Insite LMS directly benefits users on the construction site.

1. Will my Team Accept the App?

We will start with straightforward processes and make it as easy as possible for your team to get started – thus quickly creating added value and acceptance. Doing so, your team members can familiarize themselves module by module. In our experience, Insite LMS makes everyday work on the construction site easier and is indispensable for project teams after only a short time.

2. Does the Introduction of the App Create a lot of Additional Work for my Company?

No, because with Insite LMS you do the same as before, just much more efficiently. Defects or daily construction reports, for example, always need to be properly documented. However, the app makes these tasks much easier and faster to accomplish. This leaves more time for other important tasks and construction-related activities.

3. Which Areas are Suitable for a Test Phase?

That depends on your project requirements and priorities. In our experience, it will be useful to start with those use-cases that are easy to implement and provide high value. These can be, for example, deviation management or daily logs (construction diaries). When it comes to selecting those areas, we will accompany our clients.

4. Is Insite LMS really Offline Capable?

Yes, Insite LMS can be used without an internet connection.

5. In which Languages is Insite LMS Available?

The Insite LMS app is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Norwegian, and Chinese

6. How Many Projects are Currently using Insite LMS for Site Management?

Insite LMS is successfully used in more than 6,000 projects in 80 countries. Learn more about our projects here.