Industrial plant in sunlight: Two construction workers in safety helmets point to cell phone: A defect on a pipe is documented on the cell phone.

Defect Management -
Deviation Management
via App

Managing Deviations, Defects, Claims and NCRs with Insite LMS

Documenting, managing and tracking defects and deviations doesn't have to be time-consuming and effort-intensive: Insite LMS is the digital construction site solution that ideally enables project teams to record, allocate, track and report on deviations, claims and NCRs via one easy-to-use app.

Efficient Deviation Management

Rapid, reliable documentation via App - central storage

Real-Time Information

Progress tracking, real-time info & reports at the push of a button

Easy Collaboration

Managing deviations in distributed teams

Insite LMS is used in 6,000+ projects worldwide.

Defect Management via App Saves Time

App for digital deviation management Insite LMS - Screenshot

1. Convenient: Digital Documentation via App

  • document defects via app
  • attach photos, notes, text-to-speech, etc.
  • record NCRs, problems, processes and deviations centrally and under legal certainty

In less than a minute, capture all relevant information of a deviation via your smartphone using the proven Insite LMS app. Add documents such as photos, comments, attachments, cross-references, descriptions and assign responsibilities. This can be done anywhere you want, e.g. directly on the construction site via your cell phone. This way, you won't waste time searching, assembling, formatting, and filing information on loose slips of paper and photos on digital cameras or smartphones.

2. At the Push of a Button: Progress Tracking & Intelligent Reports

  • monitor construction progress and costs in real time
  • use pre-filled reports, emails and claims at the push of a button
  • data is stored securely in the cloud

All procedures are centrally stored and handled in Insite LMS, the proven cloud solution for industrial construction sites. In so doing, site managers and project managers can access and use all relevant information in real time. This includes managing claims, monitoring progress, generating NCRs and creating intelligent reports (such as daily and weekly Logs), assigning tasks in distributed teams, and defining deadlines and responsibilities.

Screenshot of app for defect management - deviation management

Real-Time-Tracking (e.g. Cost of Solution) - Deviation Management via Insite LMS

3. Efficient: Deviation and Cost handling

  • Real-time monitoring (e.g. cost of solution)
  • Dashboards - informed decisions
  • Digital signatures

Monitor efforts & costs associated with deviations and link defects to corresponding orders, deliveries and packages.

Skillfully Manage Industrial Construction Sites:
Insite LMS is the Professional Solution for Plant Engineering.

  • Consistent Cloud Solution - Practical App
  • Sensibly Digitize Large Construction Sites
  • Collaborate Securely Worldwide - Build in a Superior Manner

What is the advantage of Insite LMS when creating construction diaries?

  Manage deviations without a digital solution Manage deviations digitally via Insite LMS app
Effort time-consuming: Reviewing, merging, formatting, distributing, and filing information.
multiple sources e.g. loose notes, folders, digital cameras, smartphones and hard disks
repeated input of data
only a few clicks necessary

capture all information via app directly at the construction site (e.g. via cell phone)
generate reports via pre-filled templates

central cloud storage
reuse of data
Transparency & Security traceability and security fluctuating
information on paper
data transfer from slips of paper into e.g. Excel is error-prone and time-consuming
full traceability
manage tasks and deadlines digitally
generation of reports from data stored centrally in the system
central, secure and traceable data storage in the cloud
traceable documentation of defects via images, annotations, notes, attachments, links
Information flow No continuous digital process (end to end): Providing information is time consuming
Risks: lack of transparency, error-prone, repeated data entry, media disruptions.
Time-delayed communication and heavy use of e-mail
real-time information at the push of a button
excellent information flow - project team can access information directly in the system in real-time

Why Is Efficient Deviation Management So Important?

Construction site at night - lots of artificial light.

Efficient defect management for plant construction and large construction sites is all digital: Insite LMS, the construction site solution for experts.

  • adhere to quality standards, schedule and costs
  • document & handle of defects, NCRs and co. in a legally compliant way
  • generate reports and real-time info at the push of a button
  • easy set-up - reliable operation
  • user-friendly app

Handling construction deviations and claims is a key responsibility of construction managers and project managers. The handling of defects has a significant influence on the quality, schedule and costs of a construction project. Deviations must be documented in a transparent manner. The correction of defects must be claimed within a defined period of time. Poor deviation management can lead to delays in acceptance, increased project costs and failure to meet construction schedules.

So Why is Digital Defect Recording via App a Good Idea?

Defect report created via Insite LMS

Today's large construction sites are increasingly complex and sophisticated. Using a tried-and-tested digital solution for industrial site construction

  • minimizes the effort required to capture and further use data,
  • makes documenting deviations in a verifiable and clear manner (images, notes, attachments, links) easy
  • helps handling deviations efficiently and legally securely
  • lets project responsible monitor the status of defects, claims and NCRs in real time.

In the field, Insite LMS has proven to be one of the best choices for digital deviation management. Why? With the app, you can take photos of the deviation directly on your cell phone, easily record all the information about the incident, store all the data centrally, and immediately trigger further steps (assign tasks, set deadlines, etc.). All data is instantly available for use in reports and in the respective defect management processes.

Who is Insite LMS Aimed At?

Two construction workers walk across the grounds of an industrial plant.
  • Site Managers
  • Site Supervisor
  • Project managers in industrial plant construction
  • Project teams in industrial plan construction

What Is an NCR?

Site manager takes a photo of a deviation onsite.

A non-conformance report (NCR) is a part of quality management in construction projects. The report records the deviations during a particular construction step from the underlying specifications. The report provides detailed information about the particular issue, the circumstances of its occurrence, and actions to prevent the issue from occurring in the future.

What Information Is Typically Included in an NCR?

Site manager in yellow warning vest has a look at his cell phone.

Examples of information contained in an NCR:

  • NCR number
  • Status
  • Author
  • Date
  • Title
  • Date
  • Closed by/at
  • Problem description
  • Problem documentation
  • Steps to fix the problem
  • Verification of correction
  • Acceptance

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