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Say Farewell to the Data Chaos on Construction Sites

Paper-free processes make project life much easier: Our professional construction management software Insite LMS covers all relevant processes on industrial plant construction sites. Read on to learn more about the solutions of Insite LMS.

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Solutions of the Industrial Construction Software Insite LMS

Construction Site App

One App for the entire site! Ideal for new projects, remodeling or revision projects: SOC2-certified app Insite LMS.

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Centrally monitor your components’ status (manufacturers and suppliers), track schedules & manage deviations.

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Transport Management Software

Pack, ship, track - without extra effort & with a centralized data management. Easily capture data via QR code.

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Materials Management

Material is key! Know what when where. All logistics, delivery, warehouse and usage data at a glance.

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Site Management Software

Digitalize your construction processes, eliminate time-consuming manual efforts to win back time for construction essentials.

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Defect Management

Manage deviations and claims digitally – document, manage and track NCRs, claims a.s.o. quickly and securely.

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Construction Site Diary

Generate pre-filled reports (e.g. daily logs) at the push of a button - eliminate the paper flood and list chaos.

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Construction Progress

Installation Progress Monitoring: Track installation progress in a standardized way using pre-defined checklists.

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Construction Site Documentation

Conveniently document construction sites digitally using one intuitive app directly on site (e.g. via cell phone).

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Time Tracking Construction

Time tracking and attendance control on construction sites. For employees, subcontractors and visitors.

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Tools Management

Manage tools globally and at project level. Access tool information via one central app.

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Task Management

Project-wide task management, communication & global collaboration.


Generate pre-filled digital reports within seconds - with attachments, images and all info necessary.

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HSE Management

Health Safety Environment: Digital recording, processing and evaluation of HSE processes.

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»Once you have taken the plunge, you benefit enormously. For example, from the simplification of the increasingly demanding administration of construction projects. With Insite LMS, the effort required for documentation is reduced to a minimum.«

– Heinz Pichler, Vice President Global Site Operations ANDRITZ Hydro

Projects under Control: Construction Software Insite LMS

Construction Software in use on cell phone - material request info on dashboard is displayed.

Insite LMS is designed for large-scale projects in industrial plant and mechanical engineering. As a field-proven cloud solution, Insite LMS is in productive use on numerous sites in more than 80 countries world-wide.

As a professional logistics, material and site management system, Insite LMS enables project managers and project teams to handle processes digitally and regain valuable time. Using one user-friendly app, all project team members and external contractors access exactly those features necessary for their respective tasks.

The platform offers sophisticated functionality for expediting, transport management and global project logistics, materials management, site management, construction progress assessment, task management, defect management, tools management and time tracking construction. All in all, Insite LMS gives project teams back more time for the essentials: construction activities and the quality of the construction project.

How Insite LMS Supports You

Project manager is discussing the project status with colleague.

As a Project Manager

As a project manager, you can track all relevant processes and the project status easily and in real time.

  • benefit from real-time information, reports, dashboards
  • identify optimization potentials
  • sustainably digitalize your construction projects

Site manager on site talking to colleague.

As a Site Manager

Handle your project tasks efficiently and thus have more time to focus on the construction essentials.

  • easily create daily logs and reports
  • minimize paperwork
  • easily document & manage defects, deviations and NCRs

Industrial harbour with ships and containers during sun set.

As a Materials Manager

Benefit from Insite LMS' straightforward digital material tracking from purchase order to installation.

  • use real-time information
  • conveniently communicate with your suppliers
  • create documents, packing lists and delivery notes at the push of a button

App for industrial construction - 5 screenshots of Insite LMS

In Short

Insite LMS is

  • the all-in-one app
  • for the supply chain and the entire construction site.
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Digital Site in Action

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