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Digital Construction Site Reports in Industrial Plant Engineering: Insite LMS

It’s so easy to leave paper chaos, excel lists, tons of emails and manual formatting behind!

With the cloud-based SaaS platform Insite LMS, you can create all reports within seconds. Flexibly configurable templates define the structure and appearance of the reports. Depending on the template, the report is automatically pre-populated and images, notes, signatures, QR codes, etc. are added.

Reporting via Insite LMS is multi-project capable – information from numerous global projects can be combined in one report.

Pre-filled Reports

within seconds

Practical Templates

uniform appearance

No More Multiple Efforts

capture data once – use it many times

Insite LMS is used in 6,000+ projects worldwide.

It’s that easy: Generating digital reports

Data is captured via the app and stored centrally in the system. All information such as texts, photos, comments, attachments, links, etc. is available for digital reporting, depending on the report template and project setup. This makes time-consuming searches, repeated data entry or manual formatting a thing of the past.
Examples of reports are: daily logs, weekly reports, materials movement reports, timesheets, manufacturing status reports, deviation reports, packing lists, labels, NCR reports, daily logs, etc.


Construction site report: Insite LMS app captures all info on construction site.

1. Capture data

  • during regular work
  • via cell phone on entire construction site
  • convenient app
  • central storage

No more multiple data entry! Project teams enter all necessary info directly in the app – only once. The data is stored in Insite LMS and centrally available for further use.

2. Generate report

  • via app at push of button
  • select template
  • add signatures

Reports are generated in the specified layout (corporate design of customer). Depending on the template, the reports are pre-filled appropriately – for example with the corresponding deviations, material information and photos. Manual adjustments are possible.

Export of the construction site report in the Insite LMS app.

Create, distribute and file reports: screen of the Insite LMS app

3. Export and distribute report

  • print report
  • export report
  • mail report to subscribers

Numerous file formats are available for export, such as PDF, HTML, Microsoft PowerPoint, JPG, etc. Reports can be printed, saved and distributed. It is possible to mail the report to specific addressees (e.g. subscribers).

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Advantages of Digital Construction Site Reporting via Insite LMS

  Traditional reporting Digital reporting via Insite LMS
Data storage on paper
in e-mails
in tens of Excel lists
telephone queries
in the cloud
Formatting manually via template: effortless uniform professional look and feel
Workload effort-intensive - and error-prone at the push of a button

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