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Construction Site
Documentation via App

Construction Site Documentation in Industrial Plant Construction: Insite LMS

As a project manager, you are obliged to document construction sites in a legally compliant manner. It means that any error, inaccuracy or omission would bring costly consequences.

Moreover, you are responsible to optimize project resources, plan effective your milestones and boost your team productivity. Among so many responsibilities, it is challenging to keep a proper documentation record. Without digital support, the associated tasks are highly time-consuming, laborious and error-prone.

Insite LMS, being the professional platform for industrial construction projects, transforms your construction site documentation into an efficient and convenient process. Site managers and project teams save daily valuable time by relying on digital site documentation using Insite LMS.

Reliable & Efficient

more time for building

Convenient App

document everywhere - store centrally


at the push of a button - no more multiple efforts

Insite LMS is in use in 5000+ projects worldwide.

Construction Site Documentation with Insite LMS is that easy

Project managers are well aware of this: Construction site documentation is one of the most important to-dos in everyday work. Quite often, this means searching through paper piles, folders, e-mail attachments, photos on various storage locations, and last not least manually formatting Excel and Word documents. Sounds tedious? It is. But it doesn't have to be! Try Insite LMS, if you want to master construction projects.

Construction site documentation, young construction worker with tablet in front of tunnel

1. Construction Site Documentation via App

  • eliminate paper chaos
  • capture all information directly via app
  • central & legally secure storage

Take photos during walk-through on your smartphone or tablet using the Insite LMS app. Add comments,attachments, cross-references, descriptions, and responsibilities.

2. Creating Nonconformities, Construction Site Diaries and Reports at the Push of a Button

  • create deviations and NCRs within seconds
  • use pre-filled reports & construction site diaries
  • use data securely stored in the cloud

All construction site documentation can be seamlessly reused from the cloud for reports, deviations and construction diaries. This way, project teams no longer waste time searching, merging, preparing and storing information on loose slips of paper, computers or in emails.

Construction Site Documentation, smartphone with display of Insite LMS

Construction Site Documentation: Project team on site with tablet using Insite LMS.

3. Using Real-Time Information & Collaboration Features

  • real-time tracking (e.g., cost of solution)
  • dashboards - informed decisions
  • collaboration: digital signatures, tasks, deadlines etc.

Use centrally stored information. Generate pre-filled reports. Obtain real-time understanding of what's happening on your sites at any time. Track costs associated with tasks.

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Analog vs. Digital Construction Site Documentation Via Insite LMS

  Construction Site Documentation without digital solution Construction Site Documentation digitally via Insite LMS
Effort - time-consuming
- multiple sources e.g., paper, notes, folders, digital cameras, smartphones, and hard drives
- multiple data entry
- only few clicks required
- capture all info digitally via app directly at the construction site
- central cloud storage
- reuse of data
Traceability & Security - fluctuating
- Information on paper
- data transfer error-prone and costly
- full traceability
- pre-filled reports from data stored centrally in the system
- central, secure data storage in the cloud
- traceable documentation via images, annotations, notes, attachments, links
Information Flow - no end-to-end digital process: information gathering is time-consuming
- error prone, multiple entries & media disruptions.
- time-delayed communication and heavy use of e-mail
- real-time information at the push of a button
- information in real-time for all authorized project members worldwide (directly in the system)

Construction Site Documentation -Why a Digital Solution is the Right Choice for you

Construction site with pipelines at night.

Project managers are required to adequately document all defects and deviations. Without a digital solution, this documentation process is tedious, burdensome and holds potential for errors.

Construction site documentation is made efficient thanks to Insite LMS, the professional platform for industrial construction sites.

  • It optimally supports construction site teams in documenting and storing all relevant occurrences securely and centrally.
  • Using one reliable app, images, notes, attachments and links are conveniently recorded on the cell phone directly during the site visit.
  • All necessary reports, such as site diaries or defects, can be created from this at the touch of a button.
Construction site documentation, industrial plant with steaming chimneys at dusk

Proficiently Manage Industrial Construction Sites - Insite LMS

  • Secure cloud solution - easy-to-use app
  • Digitalize large construction sites the best way
  • Collaborate securely worldwide – improve project quality



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