Construction site for building a wind turbine: components, equipment and a tablet with Insite LMS can be seen.

Construction Site App
Insite LMS

All-in-one Industrial Construction Site App Insite LMS

New projects, remodeling or revision projects. No matter which plant or mechanical engineering project you are tackling: With the right tools, every project simply succeeds better.

For project logistics, materials + site management and international collaboration, the SOC2-certified construction site app Insite LMS has clearly established itself. Especially among renowned international players. For good reason!

Full Control

real-time info & transparent collaboration

Minimizing Search and Idle Time

digitalization solution for construction sites

End-to-end Solution

one intuitive app for entire site

Insite LMS is used in 6,000+ projects worldwide.

Plant Engineering: Be at the Forefront!

Read here how the SOC2-certified construction site app Insite LMS stands out from standalone solutions or other options.

The LMS software transforms smartphones, tablets or laptops into mobile project logistics tools. They help site managers and project teams work better exactly where they need to: right on the site.

  • Insite LMS is used worldwide.
  • The construction site app can be used on a wide range of devices and clients (Android, iOS and Windows).
  • The app can also be used offline in the field!


»Insite LMS eliminates the need to introduce
one different app for each different use case.
As an end-to-end construction site app, it is
the “one tool at site”.«

Florian Altmann, INSITE IT Co-Founder


Construction Site App – Solutions at a Glance

The powerful construction site app digitizes plant engineering in an unsurpassed and convenient manner. Your team and project can benefit entirely from features such as:

The construction site app Insite LMS has proven itself in more than 5,000 successfully implemented projects. It is in use on major construction sites in more than 80 countries worldwide.

On the one hand, the app offers extensive standard functionality. On the other hand, it can be used to flexibly respond to the respective project specifics. Clients appreciate the simple set-up and uncomplicated onboarding of new users.

1. Paper-free, Mobile Project Logistics

  • digital project logistics and digital site management
  • eliminate paper flood and Excel chaos
  • efficiently manage processes from manufacturing to installation

Relying on Insite LMS, you easily master the shift from analogue or Excel-based project logistics to a digital supply chain. The ever-increasing challenges and global developments require to constantly optimize materials management. In many cases, this means digitizing the materials management.

With Insite LMS, you digitize sustainably and sensibly!

Construction site app Insite LMS: scan of QR when material is delivered to construction site

Site management via construction site app: User shows Insite LMS on smartphone

2. Professional Site Management

  • convenient all-in-one application
  • high user acceptance
  • save time on routine tasks

In plant engineering you only need one software thanks to Insite LMS. With this solution, you are in control of everything from manufacturing to installation. The users and the project quality both benefit from the construction site app right from the start. Among other advantages, because it allows routine activities to be completed at the touch of a button

3. Full Control: Real-Time Information

  • real-time project information
  • visualization via versatile dashboards
  • ideal for global collaboration

Day-to-day project business requires you to react flexibly to current conditions. Always having an adequate picture of the situation facilitates taking adequate decisions.

Insite LMS gives project managers all the information they need - in real time.The construction site app provides all the data at the touch of a button and visualizes it in a meaningful way.

Tablet with dashbaord of the construction site app Insite LMS

Smartphone with report for plant engineering

4. Create Documentation & Reports via Construction Site App

  • documentation, reports or timesheets at the touch of a button
  • capture photos, videos, text, etc. on site at any time
  • no more multiple data entries

An absolute strength of the construction site app Insite LMS is to free project teams from

  • manual tasks,
  • multiple data entries and
  • time-consuming search or formatting effort.

Using the app, you specify all data exactly once, for example via cell phone. Then you use the info in reports, construction site documentation, construction site diaries or defect reports. These can then be exported as PDF or Excel files, for example, and distributed immediately.

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What is the advantage of Insite LMS for the management of construction sites?

  Without construction site app With construction site app
Effort for routine activities Without a construction site app, routine activities are often time-consuming, error-prone and tedious. Data is entered only once. The system generates all required documents at the push of a button. The effort required for routine activities is minimized.
Role of information on paper Information on paper is difficult to search through. Paper is difficult to distribute and to back-up/archive. The paper chaos is replaced by an efficient digital solution.
Role of information in Microsoft Excel The list chaos gets bigger and bigger the longer a project takes. The list chaos is replaced by an efficient digital solution (cloud storage, central backup, global availability of data, etc.).
Information flow Preparing and distributing information is costly and can be error-prone. Information can be standardized, secure and made available globally in real time.

Why is the construction site app Insite LMS so different from other solutions?

From our experience in digitization consulting for international clients, we know that the market for construction site apps has grown in recent years. Especially apps that cover individual use-cases - so-called stand-alone solutions. But there is also the approach of adapting monolithic systems such as an ERP (e.g. SAP) for use.

In our experience, both approaches are not in the spirit of a sustainable, meaningful digitization! Why?

  • With a wide range of stand-alone apps, you have to introduce, train, support and maintain different systems. This increases costs and reduces user satisfaction.
  • With adapted “monoliths”, on the other hand, practicality and flexibility are a shortcoming.

Insite LMS solves precisely these problems. More than ten years of experience of plant engineering and digitalization have gone into the development of this construction site app. Therefore, the program provides tailor-made solutions for industrial plant engineering. Moreover, the application covers all relevant areas of application – with an unsurpassed scope, detail and flexibility.

For the development of Insite LMS, we consistently focused on what the users need. This users-first approach helped develop an app users appreciate. In addition, project quality is increased.

Is the Rollout of the App Complicated?

Site manager with construction site app

The roll-out follows the well-proven INSITE IT process and will not be complicated at all. The implementation will be straightforward if


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