Industrial construction site at night. Screens of Insite LMS with documentation of construction progress (photo, sliders).


Construction Progress & Installation Tracking Software For Industrial Plant Construction

„What about the installation progress on my construction sites?" - Project managers relying on Insite LMS can answer this question at the push of a button, anywhere, anytime.

Standardized Progress Monitoring

via app - globally and project-wide

Project Plans

MS Project integration & set-actual-comparisons

Real-Time Status Information

Project-wide and globally including reports & S-curves

Insite LMS is used in 6,000+ projects worldwide.

It could not be easier! Tracking installation progress with Insite LMS.

Insite LMS app documents construction progress: screen with installation progress and S-curves

1. Tracking installation progress in a standardized way

  • rate progress via app
  • use pre-defined checklists
  • document progress (tos, comments, attachments, links)
  • integrate & compare project plans
  • use real-time status information
  • use reporting templates
  • view S-curves for set-actual comparison
  • manage deviations
  • communicate with team members
  • manage tasks

One user-friendly app, Insite LMS, enables project responsibles to rate and document construction progress using checklists. For this purpose, the app can be used on a smartphone, tablet, notebook or PC. Installation progress information is stored centrally and securely in the system. Thus, it can be used for pre-filled reports, set-actual comparisons, deviation management and project communication. Progress measurement data can also be transferred to MS Project.

2. Convenient checklists for standardized evaluation

  • checklists
  • easy to use by project team (app)
  • project-wide installation tracking quality

Progress is rated and documented using functional checklists. Assessments are standardized using predefined steps via one platform-independent app - Insite LMS.

Screen of the Insite LMS app: checklist for documenting construction progress.

Screen of Insite LMS app on desktop computer: real-time project status.

3. Schedule integration, real-time project status and reporting.

  • Import project schedules
  • View installation progress at the push of a button
  • Create reports within seconds

The solution allows for the import of project schedules so that the current project progress can be constantly reviewed against the planned progress. Installation progress can be visualized in real time. For this purpose, set-actual comparisons via S-curves can be displayed in dashboards. Installation progress information can be used in all necessary reports (Daily Logs, Open Point Lists, Deviations).

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Digital Installation Tracking Software vs. Analog Installation Tracking

  Analog installation progress tracking Digital installation progress tracking via Insite LMS
Evaluation process can be subject to fluctuations in quality, reliability and meaningfulness standardized, meaningful and verifiable - via app
Status Reports Manually merging information from numerous Excel documents, emails, and loose notes Easily at the push of a button
Information exchange - needs considerable time and effort
- the responsible person is in contact with tens of project team members via e-mail and handles updates manually.
- ideal
- all information is digitally captured, stored and processed in a central solution (cloud).
- authorized users can access relevant information at any time, from anywhere.
Comparability of progress tracking information - low comparability
- little standardization
- high comparability
- Standardization and digital checklists

Why analogue progress tracking is outdated

File chaos and paper chaos on desk.  Person behind desk stretches hands up in search of help.

Tens of project teams and tens of project managers work on complex large construction sites. Tracking and documenting construction progress is time-consuming and ist not necessarily standardized. Project communication takes place via e-mails, file attachments, Excel lists, photos on distributed storage media, etc. The progress information has to be processed manually again and again to form an overall document. Thus, creating the necessayr reports, such as construction diaries or the weekly and monthly reports, is somewhat laborious if you do not rely on a well-proven digital backbone such as Insite LMS. Furthermore, no automatic set-actual comparisons are available if you track installation progress in a pre-digital way. To sum up, managing construction sites without Insite LMS:

  • error-prone
  • time-consuming
  • not standardized
  • changing quality
  • lack of comparability

Why rely on Insite LMS when managing construction sites?

Baufortschritt direkt auf der Baustelle digital messen und dokumentieren: Baustellen-App Insite LMS

Insite LMS is the all-in-one solution for managing industrial construction sites. The solution comprises measuring, tracking and managing construction progress. Thus, project teams benefit in many ways. In addition, the installation tracking software Insite LMS supports increasing project quality in general.

  • central data storage
  • no multiple efforts/data entry
  • real-time information on the status of the construction site
  • project-wide standardization & comparability
  • simple reporting

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