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Version 7.0 - Spring 2020

Version 7.0 is the next major release which contains lots of improvements for the users as well as in the backend. The Insite LMS App and Desktop now share the same backend. Have a look at all the improvements for version 7.0, the best Insite LMS which was ever available. 


New Logistic Modules

  • Module Material Issue

  • Module Consolidator Packages

  • Module Pending Packages

  • Module Free Issue Parts

New Module: Project Tools

In alignment with the new tools modules on the desktop version, mobile processes for tools are now also supported in the mobile app.

Redesign of notes

Notes are streamlined with the desktop version and have a chat-like design.

User Initials

Wherever an Insite LMS user is assigned to an object, we do now display the initials to make this information more visible on a first glance. You can click on the circle and see the details for the user (e.g. e-mail address or phone no when available) and directly trigger a phone call or SMS.

Daily Logs Improvements

  • Editing of Rich Text is now possible in the app

  • Show All Daily Logs instead of only My Daily Logs

Push Notifications

Receive Push Notifications when you are assigned to a deviation.

Removed Read-Only Mode

Editing of deviations and other objects is now possible without switching into an edit mode.

Picture Improvements

  • New setting: Edit pictures before upload

    If you frequently need to add descriptions or edit the picture, this setting is for you

  • Directly change the description when editing a picture

  • Visual improvements when navigating through many pictures

History Redesign

The history module is streamlined with the desktop version to provide a clear and structured overview of your projects.

Other Changes

  • Login: Sort projects by Last Login Date

  • Add scan button in drop downs

  • Create Material Requests in the app

  • Your offline project can also be accessed online

  • Reports: Store signatures for future reports

  • Reporting is now available in every module

  • Redesign of column visibilities

  • Languages: all available language can now be chosen in Android

  • Deviation: New column Latest Picture

  • Shipment: Finalize All Packages for Shipment

Version 6.3 - Autumn 2019

App Improvements

  • New Main Menu with categories

  • New History Module: The newsfeed for your project with all changes in one list including pictures

  • New Container Module

  • Site Logistic modules (Shipments, Packages, Package Items, Material Requests and so on) are now available offline

Version 6.2 - Spring 2019

App Enhancements

New functionality is now available on our Insite LMS Apps for Android and iOS. The app supports now:

  • Manufacturing tracking

  • Creation of Daily logs

  • Red-lining on pictures and layouts

  • Creation of Deviation

  • Customize your lists

  • Site Logistics

Version 6.1 - Autumn 2018

New Android and iOS Apps

Starting with version 6.1, we have released our first versions of Android and iOS Apps. Just go to your App Store, search for Insite LMS and click install.

The current functionality allows you to perform operations for site packages (delivery, change location, package inspection), deviations (create new deviations, add pictures and comments) and create daily logs.

We plan to further enhance this functionality step by step and provide an offline functionality in the future.

We are working continuously improving our Insite LMS Mobile App. Insite LMS Mobile is always developed in line with our customers requirements. Do you have a specific request? Your site requires a special solution? We are there for you. Please send us your suggestions to make Insite LMS Mobile even better.

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