Version 7.0 - Spring 2020

Version 7.0 is the next major release which contains lots of improvements for the users as well as in the backend. The Insite LMS App and Desktop now share the same backend. In addition to streamlining the product we added two new modules which were already planned for quite a while. Have a look at all the improvements for version 7.0, the best Insite LMS which was ever available. 


New Icons

We updated all icons for version 7.0 and are now in alignment with the latest Microsoft Office UI trends. The general style of the icons is thinner and less colorful for a more pleasant and modern look.

New Icons

Column-specific loading of data (existing views lost!)

The largest change in this release was regarding loading performance of large lists. Up to this release, we always loaded all columns for a module from the server, regardless if the column was visible or not (but we still managed to have quite good loading times).

Now we only load and transmit the visible columns from the server which results in less data transfer and even better general performance, especially when loading a lot of elements.

Important: As a result of this change, all existing user views had to be deleted. Please re-add the views which you still need.

Redesign of Notes

The old list of notes was replaced by a more chat like design. In addition to the UI changes, it is now only allowed to delete and edit your own notes.

picture viewer

Redesign of History

The history control was also redesigned for a more modern and approachable look. Grouped by time indicators you can click on any element and see the detailed changes for each user at the bottom of the control.

Redesign History

Make project offline in desktop version

On top right in the user details, it is now possible to make one project offline. You can work completely without internet connection and then sync once internet is available. Synchronization runs automatically in regular intervals, but can be triggered manually anytime.

Important: Admin rights are required to install the local database.

Make project offline

New Module: Tools

This completely new module can be used to track all kinds of tools and equipment. The complete list of all company tools can be managed in the Global Tools module. Once a tool is sent to a project, the tool is available under Project Tools. From there the tool can be delivered, inspected and issued to an employee. Once the tool is returned, it can be issued again or be sent back to the main store or another project.

Keep track of all tools, it’s conditions and never buy a tool twice because you don’t know where it is – for your complete company and all your projects.

picture viewer

New Module: Claims

The second new module is Claims: Combine one or many deviations into a claim against another party and keep track of the current status.

picture viewer

User Initials

Wherever an LMS user is assigned to an object, we do now display the initials to make this information more visible on a first glance. You can even click on the circle and see the details for the user (e.g. e-mail address or phone no when available)

This is implemented throughout all modules and will also come available in the app soon.

picture viewer

Deviation enhancements

A few enhancements were made:

  • Redesigned notifications to show more information

  • Send a notification when the due date has passed and deviation is not closed

  • New columns Effort Description and Event Date

  • Due Date colorization (when the date is in the past, it will show red)

New Icons

Installation/Manufacturing Enhancements

  • Add new fields Baseline Planned Start, Baseline Planned End and 5 more Custom Fields 

  • Show new Baseline Curve in the S-Curve if possible

  • Add possibility to configure workdays for a project and consider non-working days in the S-Curve and column planned progress

This setting can be found in module Work Day Modifications.

New Icons

Other Changes

  • Map on start is now Open Street Maps instead of Bing

  • Summary Log/Daily Log: Multiselect of notes and Daily Logs to create reports faster

  • BoM-Items: Navigate to Material Handling Items instead of Material Handling

  • Setup of Installation/Manufacturing Type: Copy types from other projects

  • Main Menu now locally saves which groups are expanded/collapsed

  • Purchase Order Items now show Package Items as positions instead of Packages

  • Show Material fields on Package Item, Material Request Items,….

  • Navigate To is now only possible, when the target module needs to load less than 10.000 items

  • Added fields: Package Item (CustomDate01), Material (Length, Width, Height)

  • Search Box: Add possibility to enable/disable Auto-Fill

  • Add possibility to save selected projects in Multi Project Mode in a normal user view

  • Picture Viewer: Allow editing of pictures and enable Navigate To

  • Simplifying editing of pictures (description can now be changed directly in the picture dialog)

  • Column filters: When clicking the filter button, the filter window is now closing

  • Employee Certificates: Show red warning if certificate expired

Changes in Setup

  • Add user type Web (restricts user to only login with the web)

  • Add new rights for setup functionality, therefore removed user type Privileged

  • Add new right for supplier information on package

  • Reports: Add more columns for pictures

  • Excel Configurator: Reduce number of groups and add more exporting capabilities

  • User Restrictions: Enabling configuration of restrictions for Notes and Files

  • Add system setting to allow adding new projects only based on template projects

Removed functionality

  • Print Packing List directly to Excel (use Reports instead)

  • Site Server cannot be created anymore (use built-in desktop offline capability)

  • Freight Forwarder Module 

  • Old Windows 10 App with Offline-Kit (use new Windows 10 app instead)

  • Ability to host Insite LMS On Premise (Insite LMS is now cloud only)

Version 6.3 - Autumn 2019

Manufacturing/Installation Tracking

  • Use a slider instead of DropDown values allowing to enter all values from 0 to 100

  • Installation/Manufacturing: Add Progress Tab

  • Setup of activities: Add Up/Down buttons to sort activities

Deviation Changes

  • Add running number per project: This number will replace the old deviation number in the future. If you are working offline, this number will be assigned with the next sync.

  • Deep-Links: Assigned persons will receive future Notification-Emails with Deep-Links to directly jump to the deviation

  • Deviations Tab: Allow referencing existing deviations

  • Improve adding of references (packages, installation items, …) to a deviation

  • Allow referencing PO Items

  • Add new rights: Change Status and add specific right for estimated cost and actual cost


  • Add users to notes to directly send them a notification about the note

  • Receive a notification if a Material Request you created was changed by someone else

  • Manufacturing/Installation: Receive a notification if someone changed the progress of an item assigned to you

  • Our e-mails now support links, which can be opened on desktop or Android/iOS Apps

picture viewer

Material Request Improvements

  • Add calendar view and directly drag and drop requests to other times (creators of material requests will automatically be notified with new notification – see above)

  • Add duration for material request (how long it takes to fulfill the request, default is one hour)

  • Removed time information from request status and add new column “Due in days”. New request status is now only open, partly completed and completed

New Module: Container

Containers are now in a separate module instead of being part of the individual package modules. This should simplify handling of containers and make it clearer, what is a package and what is a container.

Report Improvements

  • Add signatures in desktop version (upload files or draw with mouse/pen)

  • Deviation reports: Allow printing of full associated referenced elements (like package, shipment etc.) and all data fields (instead of just being able to print the referenced number)

  • Copy of Reports in setup

  • Merge report and attached PDF-files into a single PDF-file

  • Print full country names on addressses (in addition to the 3 letter ISO-code)

picture viewer

Dialogs improvements

  • Tabs with Errors are shown

  • Replace all main dialogs with tabbed dialogs (e.g. Package Item, PO Item, and so on)

picture viewer

Project Setup Site HR

Move all settings related to Site Human Resources such as employees, workdays, terminals and so on to the main menu.

picture viewer

Auto-Complete setting for custom text fields

Allow to configure custom text fields as auto-complete textbox. When the cursor is put into such a custom field, it loads all available values within this field for this project from the database.

Setup Improvements

  • Add project: Allow more options to copy from one project to a new project

  • Move setup of Weather Conditions (for Daily Log) to Lookup Tables

Other Improvements

  • Login: Add last login date to list of projects and sort by it

  • Generate Supplier Template: Remove language selection

  • Storage Area Setup: Removed Generate QR-Code Button (use normal report button instead)

  • History Report: Add “Navigate To” Button

  • Purchase Order: Add module filter (Open, Completed, All)

  • Packages: Simplified Process Packages / Finalize Shipment logic of Pending Packages

  • Country Selection: Removed column Native Name

  • Employee: Add hourly rate and added calculated columns on workday and time booking

  • All dialogs: All read only fields are now visible in the details tab when opening the dialog in edit mode.

  • BoM Item: Add new column “Issued Qty without BoM reference” to show all issued materials which are not assigned to a BoM item (helpful for bulk material management)

  • Material: Companies with type contractor can now be selected as companies for Material Issue, Material Request and Material Return. 


  • Accounting: Add read-only fields Tax Rate in % and Net Value

  • Accounting: Accounting Item No is no longer unique

  • Accounting: Release a period, so no lines in the past can be edited anymore


  • Daily Logs: Right-Click menu added on multi-line text fields

  • Daily Logs / Summary Logs: Add date range filter for pictures and deviations

  • Daily Logs / Summary Logs: Add 3 more Custom Text Fields on Daily Logs/Summary Logs

  • Summary Logs: Removed totals page (calculate in report instead

Version 6.2 - Spring 2019

New Module: Accounting

With the new module Accounting it is possible to create as many accounts per project as you need. Per account you can keep track of incoming and outgoing transactions in multiple different currencies. Upload bills directly as attachments and monitor your cash without any manually written spreadsheets.

Time Terminals Integration and Fingerprint Registration

For our site employees we now directly support special time terminals. Per employees you can register fingerprints (or access cards) directly from our software. Plug and play as many time terminals on your site as you want in one network, register them in Insite LMS and we take care of the rest. Access control and keeping track of the exact attendance time was never easier. Please contact us if you want to learn more about the supported hardware.

Dialog Improvements

The main dialogs now have more tabs available to directly display attachments, notes, deviations and history. Previously this information was only shown in the main list, but we thought it would be a good idea to put this information in the main dialogs as well.

picture viewer

New Default Views

All modules have new default views when it comes to default column visibilities and default pane visibilities. The goal was to make Insite LMS more accessible and give more space to the main lists.

In detail the following changes were implemented in all modules:

  • Details pane and History pane are not visible anymore by default

  • Attachments, Notes and Deviations are visible unpinned on the right

  • The items pane is pinned at the bottom

  • Hyperlinks in the main lists are now disabled by default, you can change this setting in the personal settings dialog

As always, you can keep customizing your views any way you want.

Material Request Improvements

The Material Request Module has received many little enhancements. For example, the project can be configured to block requests on Saturdays or Sundays and below a certain time frame.

Additionally, you can now display the storage area directly in the main request list and even update the pickup date for multiple requests at once.  

picture viewer

Package Item Inspection

In Site Package Items you can now inspect single package items without the need for full package inspections. This is especially helpful for inventory updates after a longer period of time.

Attention: Along with this change it is not possible anymore to change the stock quantity directly on package item edit, thus you can be sure that a quantity change can only happen from a user with the according rights.

picture viewer

Project Setup

We introduced a new main category in the main menu: Project Setup. At the moment this is home for managing Manufacturing Types and Installation Types along with their activities and Storage Areas with all Storage Positions. Plans are to further add other project setup tasks to this area.

Azure AD Infrastructure Integration

With version 6.2 we have implemented the basic infrastructure to enable Azure AD Authentication for your users.  Please contact us for more details.

picture viewer

Report Enhancements

  • In Installation and Manufacturing the progress is now always loaded

  • Possibility to print History for any item

  • Reports are now enabled on package item level

  • Add a new button to the reporting window: Open Report as PDF

Other Changes

  • Added Navigation from Deviation to Daily Logs / Summary Logs

  • Picture Viewer: Add left and right arrow support to navigate through multiple pictures with the keyboard

  • Added Expiration Date for a User (after the expiration date, the user will not be able to login)

  • User Drop Downs: Assign only users, who have edit rights for the respective module (e.g. Deviation, Installation...)

  • Time Bookings: Save order of bookings if user splits one work day into multiple bookings

  • Removed unsupported modules: Deliverable Item and Layout

Version 6.1 - Autumn 2018

App Enhancements

New functionality is now available on our Insite LMS Apps for Android and iOS. The app supports now:

  • Manufacturing tracking

  • Creation of Daily logs

  • Red-lining on pictures and layouts

  • Creation of Deviation

  • Customize your lists

  • Site Logistics

New Dialogs

All main dialogs have been reworked and are now able to provide more information separated into tabs. This allows displaying additional information like notes and attachments in the dialogs while making the UI clearer for the end user.

New Module: Payroll for Employees

Users of our time tracking module can now add payroll elements with a date, description, amount and currency. This way you can not just keep track of the workers times, but also about his expenses and allowances.

Admins can define multiple payroll groups and assign one of the groups to an employee. This way an employee can only add limited payroll elements, for example an Austrian employee should not be able to add an Indian allowance.

picture viewer

Enhance Employee Certifications

Employee Certifications are now tighter integrated with the employee module and can easily be added in the details of an employee. With add next we wanted to make adding multiple certifications as easy and quick as possible.

picture viewer

Add Work Days for multiple Employees

A common user request was the possibility to add multiple work days for one or more employees in a simple step. This is now possible from within the employee module: Just select the employees for which you want to add work days and click on Add Work Days.

picture viewer

Calendar View for Employees

For up to 10 employees you can click on the new button “Calendar View” in the employee module. Display the exact working hours of each employee in a nice graphical calendar and choose between Day, Work Week, Week and Month view options.

Change Docking Behavior for Side Windows

A minor but maybe noticeable change was introduced to all main modules. If you want to hide or unhide any additional pane (like details, attachments, notes, etc.), all panes in the same group (e.g. right or bottom) are now affected. This means it is now easier to hide and unhide all panes at once.

picture viewer

Request Project Access

Right beneath the project selection we have added a link called “Are you missing a project?”. This link opens a new dialog with projects you do not have access to. Simply select the projects you would like to get access to and Insite LMS generates an e-mail for you which you can send to your Insite LMS contact.

picture viewer

Public Holiday Enhancement

An employee can now be assigned to a public holiday calendar. The calendars and holidays can be managed by admins in the setup.

The column public holiday on employee level is calculated based on this information.

picture viewer

Other Changes

Deviation Changes

We tried to simplify the deviations module and looked at which features were barely used. Therefor we made the following changes:

  • Reduced the number of status: Status Inspected and Status Not Approved were removed. The few deviations in status Inspected were migrated to the status Work Completed, the few deviations in status Not Approved were migrated to Open.

  • Removed property Is Visible to Author only


Field Changes

  • Purchase Order: Remove PurchaseOrderType

  • Time Pair: Added 3 CustomText fields

  • Manufacturing Item: Added 5 more CustomText fields, Added Quantity field

  • Employee: Added 5 more Custom Text fields

Other changes

  • Main Menu: Rename group Time Tracking to Site Human Resources

  • Remove “Other” as filter option from Manufacturing and Installation

  • Purchase Order: Rename Last Mailer Template Sent to Last Template Generated

  • Bill of Material: Remove “Complete Packaging Process of BoM” Button

  • Daily Log / Summary Log: Deviations are now on page 3 instead of page 2

  • Report Enhancement for Daily Log / Summary Log: Print Workdays of Employees per day or for the reporting period

  • Daily Log: Deviations can be added from the past 7 days instead of only the current day

  • Installation / Manufacturing: Move Activity Management from File to Module

  • Installation / Manufacturing: Add extra right for entering progress

  • Notification subscriptions for individual items have been removed for all modules except for deviations. Use history subscriptions instead.

Version 6.0 - Summer 2018

Updated Minimum Software Requirements

Due to ongoing software developments within our company and Microsoft, we had to raise our minimum software requirements to provide you the best product.

Desktop Application: Now requires .NET Framework 4.6.1 instead of 4.5.2.

Tablet Application: Now requires Windows 10 Anniversary Update instead of Windows 8.1 (all tablets which are on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 below Anniversary update, are unsupported with this release)

A result of these changes is, that the software now runs in 64bit mode if you have a 64bit computer.

New Software-Distribution System

Every Insite LMS Customer has a new Installation URL for Insite LMS Version 6.0:<yourcustomername>

This link is now a central link to install/access all our clients like desktop, tablet, web or mobile apps. If you do not know your customer name, please contact us.

Not just the link has changed, we also changed the installer which reduces download size and allows us to perform silent updates.

New Tablet App

The whole Windows 8.1 App has been redesigned to a UWP Windows 10 app which should provide a much better user experience than the old app.

Try it out and please provide us feedback!

New Android and iOS Apps

Starting with version 6.0, we have released our first versions of Android and iOS Apps. Just go to your App Store, search for Insite LMS and click install.

The current functionality allows you to perform operations for site packages (delivery, change location, package inspection), deviations (create new deviations, add pictures and comments) and create daily logs.

We plan to further enhance this functionality step by step and provide an offline functionality in the future.

New Icons for high resolution screens

All icons of our desktop application have been updated and were replaced by new high-resolution icons.

Updated Package Logistics Status

Due to new features and rethinking of new and existing functionality, we decided to change the popular package logistics status to the following values:

01 Packed

02 Shipped (packages with shipment)

03 In Customs (optional)

04 Delivered

05 Inspected

06 Completed

For the old status “Requested” we have additional columns you can manually add. The old status “Empty” is now combined with “Issued” to the new status “Completed”

New default filters for many modules

To reduce loading times and only display more relevant data for each user, we have added new default filters to some modules. These filters are displayed right next to the search box.

For example, in Site Packages we initially only load “Open” packages, in deviations the default filter is “Mine” and shows only deviations which were created by the user or are assigned to the user.

More filters can be found in Manufacturing, Installation and Consolidator Packages modules.

Material Return

If you issue material to installation and some material was returned, it is now possible to create explicit material returns with its own report document.

You can return complete site packages or individual site package items and add them back to your inventory.

An overview of all material returns can be found in the new Material Return module.

New Module Deliverable Items

This new optional module supports a process, where you have a list of deliverable items before they are packed and your organization wants to track the completeness against these planned deliverable items.

New Project Structure Module

If you are planning volumes of packages and deliveries based on a project structure, the new project structure module allows you to compare planned weights, planned number of packages, planned square meters and much more against actual values.

Material Planning Run

For Bulk Material Handling we added a powerful material planning run. An example use case is the construction of pipelines: You are only shipping bulk material and you want to know, which pipelines you can build on which date. The material planning run considers storage material, material on shipments and ordered material to tell you, if you have all materials available for a certain date in the future.

Picture Viewer

Under Project Management – Picture Viewer you can now see all pictures over all Insite LMS modules for a specific time frame.

picture viewer

Changes to Progress Tracking of Installation and Manufacturing

  • Separate window for progress tracking (additional to details)

  • Changed behavior of saving: Instead of directly saving on each change, there is now a save button

  • If you select multiple items with the same type, you can now mass update all selected items with one save

picture viewer

Other Changes

  • Main Menu: On login, always navigate to the last module. If you do not like this behavior, you can change it back to the old behavior in your user settings.

  • General: Create specific rights for editing notes and attachments in each module

  • Purchase Orders: Allow mass update of Purchase Order Status

  • PO Item: Can now be connected to a Material from Bill of Materials

  • Pending Packages: Add logistics company to Process Packages Wizard

  • Packages in Site Logistics: was renamed to Site Packages

  • Packages: Delivery Date cannot be in the future anymore

  • Packages: Delivery Date and Inspection Date cannot be changed after operation has been performed

  • Packages and Package Items: History Pane now shows all material related changes in a separate tab

  • Consolidator Packages: Convert to Outbound now copies the Inbound Package, this means the Inbound Package will always be available for your reference.

  • Package Positions: Was renamed to Package Items (for consistency reasons)

  • Manufacturing: Supervisor is now a Drop Down

  • Daily Logs: Add custom glossary for spell check

  • Deviations: Add new fields Responsible Company and Actual Cost

  • Deviations: 5 more Custom Fields

  • Deviations: Mass update of deviation status for deviations having the same status

  • Installation Item: Removed field Delivered By and added calculated fields Earned Value (hours) and Cost Performance Index

  • Sync: Add new tablet specific configuration with less data

  • Notes: Text in notes supports hyperlinks

We are working continuously on improving Insite LMS. Insite LMS is always developed in line with our customers requirements. Do you have a specific request? Your site requires a special solution? We are there for you. Please send us your suggestions to make Insite LMS even better.

Click here and contact us if you need more information on the Insite LMS updates.