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This Is How Construction Managers & Project Teams Benefit From Insite LMS

  1. Field-tested solution specifically designed for large-scale projects.
  2. Unique, comprehensive site app that project managers, site managers, site supervisors and site managers worldwide highly value.
  3. Extensive, field-proven set of modules from manufacturing monitoring to installation.
  4. Goodbye, paper flood! With Insite LMS, the days of piles of paper and scattered lists are a thing of the past.
  5. No more effort for entering data several times - capture data once, use it again and again.
  6. Developed on construction sites for the construction sites. Its the real-word experience that added value - no blah blah.
  7. More than 5000 successfully completed projects worldwide.
  8. Self-explanatory, user-friendly app for all devices and platforms.
  9. Reduced downtimes - great responsiveness
  10. Easy reporting: create all necessary reports without effort at the push of a button.
  11. Easily find, create, edit documents.
  12. Optimal team collaboration.
  13. Field-tested on large construction sites in 80 countries around the globe.
  14. Implementation support by INSITE IT experts.
  15. Digitizing construction site is easier than ever: INSITE IT's Insite LMS process is proven to digitize plant construction projects successfully and sustainably.
  16. Reliable, tested expert solution for digitizing your industrial construction sites.
  17. Solutions for the successful digitization of plant construction projects and thus for sustainably improved project quality and process efficiency.
  18. Master the entire construction site via one easy-to-use app.
  19. On time, on budget: full transparency & control to master complex plant construction projects.
  20. Proven in practice in tens of industries - from infrastructure and construction to hydropower, pulp, intralogistics, energy, chemicals, paper, and mining.
  21. Globally deployable solution in 9 languages.
  22. 100% offline-capable.
  23. Establishes a reliable data basis for all your construction processes - real-time information at the push of a button.
  24. Full flexibility: manage construction site on smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  25. Smart task management.
  26. Master material management: real-time information about your material at the push of a button.
  27. Convenient, customizable dashboards for a wide range of construction processes - make informed decisions on a day-to-day basis.
  28. Material tracking has never been easier than with Insite LMS.
  29. Deviation & defect management has never been easier than with Insite LMS.
  30. Create construction reports in no time - via pre-filled templates.
  31. Create, share, file construction diaries (daily logs) in no time.
  32. Wide range of solutions: site logistics, deviation management, progress monitoring, daily logs and reporting, time recording, pipe, and steel construction management.
  33. Always on your site. INSITE IT considers itself as a partner that offers consulting, implementation and support in day-to-day business, depending on the requirements.

Managing Plant Construction Projects Better Than Ever Before: Insite LMS

  • comprehensive cloud solution - convenient app
  • digitalizing large-scale projects proficiently
  • secure solution for global projects

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