Hydropwer Plant Digitalization Forum

Take part: From a Digital to an Efficient Construction Site!

Thomas Roithmeier, CEO and co-founder of INSITE IT, will be speaker at this event. He will talk about a Hydropower Plant Case Study which shows the way from a Digital to an Efficient Construction Site!

The digitalization of hydropower plants promises to bring substantial values to the hydropower sector, and it is an industry-wide trend that can positively influence power networks around the world. According to International Hydropower Association (IHA), by 2030, more than half of the world’s hydropower plants will be due for upgrade and modernization. The move towards digitalized hydropower plants have begun. To help asset owners join the wave, 6th edition Hydropower Plants Digitalization Forum will bring together hydropower asset owners, decision makers, and all related stakeholders to discuss the opportunities and challenges of digitalization. For more information and registration go to www.hydropower-plants-digitalization.com.

Thomas Roithmeier (CEO INSITE IT) talks about "From a Digital to an Efficient Construction Site - a Hydropower Plant Case Study"

  • Digital material tracking from shipping to construction
  • Integration of various useful mobile Apps for Documentation, NCR
    and HSE Reporting
  • Progress and cost tracking with digital time tracking
  • Easy creation of Daily/weekly Logs for digital reporting

Date: Wednesday November 28th 2018, 2:50 pm

Venue: NH Hotel Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany

Thomas Roithmeier, CEO and co-founder INSITE IT GmbH

The efficient Construction Site

"My goal is to drive the attention of the attendees from digitalization to optimization. Most people think using some software or an app is enough for optimizing processes. But one main key fact for a successful software is the people who work with it and who have to commit themselves. Only if each and every user has a benefit of using a tool, the implementation will succeed. And as soon as the whole process is digitalized the optimization work starts and can be tracked."


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