Construction of a pumped storage hydroelectric power plant

"We have two goals: We want to improve time recording by means of Time Tracking and we want to improve the quality of our reporting by means of the Construction Diary, a new function of Insite LMS"

Gerhard Laher

Manager Global Site Operations ANDRITZ HYDRO

  • Customer: Austrian Hydropower Group
  • City / Country: Portugal
  • Project type: Hydropower plant
  • Project status: Under construction
  • Planned completion: 2020
  • Construction time: 3,5 years

Insite LMS as a full construction site solution

ANDRITZ HYDRO builds a large pumped storage hydroelectric power station. The international industrial group, provides electromechanical equipment and pressure pipeline for the new pumped storage hydroelectric power station Gouvães in Ribeira da Pena, Portugal. For this project, Insite LMS is used as an entire construction site solution containing material and deviation management, logistics management as well as installation tracking.

In addition to the numerous – already proven – Insite LMS modules, the two new modules Time Tracking and Digital Construction Diary were subjected for the first time to a practical test in this project. Using time tracking, the presence of employees and external suppliers on the construction site is recorded completely digitally. In this case, ANDRITZ HYDRO uses a fingerprint terminal with an interface to Insite LMS. Another additional benefit is that the collected electronic data can also be used for internal follow-up processes such as payroll or human resource management. Read how the advanced logistics solution was set up:

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