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Important Insite LMS Updates


Check out the latest updates for Insite LMS:

Version 6.1 - Autumn 2018

App Enhancements

New functionality is now available on our Insite LMS Apps for Android and iOS. The app supports now:

  • Manufacturing tracking

  • Creation of Daily logs

  • Red-lining on pictures and layouts

  • Creation of Deviation

  • Customize your lists

  • Site Logistics

New Dialogs

All main dialogs have been reworked and are now able to provide more information separated into tabs. This allows displaying additional information like notes and attachments in the dialogs while making the UI clearer for the end user.

New Module: Payroll for Employees

Users of our time tracking module can now add payroll elements with a date, description, amount and currency. This way you can not just keep track of the workers times, but also about his expenses and allowances.

Admins can define multiple payroll groups and assign one of the groups to an employee. This way an employee can only add limited payroll elements, for example an Austrian employee should not be able to add an Indian allowance.

picture viewer

Enhance Employee Certifications

Employee Certifications are now tighter integrated with the employee module and can easily be added in the details of an employee. With add next we wanted to make adding multiple certifications as easy and quick as possible.

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Add Work Days for multiple Employees

A common user request was the possibility to add multiple work days for one or more employees in a simple step. This is now possible from within the employee module: Just select the employees for which you want to add work days and click on Add Work Days.

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Calendar View for Employees

For up to 10 employees you can click on the new button “Calendar View” in the employee module. Display the exact working hours of each employee in a nice graphical calendar and choose between Day, Work Week, Week and Month view options.

Change Docking Behavior for Side Windows

A minor but maybe noticeable change was introduced to all main modules. If you want to hide or unhide any additional pane (like details, attachments, notes, etc.), all panes in the same group (e.g. right or bottom) are now affected. This means it is now easier to hide and unhide all panes at once.

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Request Project Access

Right beneath the project selection we have added a link called “Are you missing a project?”. This link opens a new dialog with projects you do not have access to. Simply select the projects you would like to get access to and Insite LMS generates an e-mail for you which you can send to your Insite LMS contact.

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Public Holiday Enhancement

An employee can now be assigned to a public holiday calendar. The calendars and holidays can be managed by admins in the setup.

The column public holiday on employee level is calculated based on this information.

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Other Changes

Deviation Changes

We tried to simplify the deviations module and looked at which features were barely used. Therefor we made the following changes:

  • Reduced the number of status: Status Inspected and Status Not Approved were removed. The few deviations in status Inspected were migrated to the status Work Completed, the few deviations in status Not Approved were migrated to Open.

  • Removed property Is Visible to Author only


Field Changes

  • Purchase Order: Remove PurchaseOrderType

  • Time Pair: Added 3 CustomText fields

  • Manufacturing Item: Added 5 more CustomText fields, Added Quantity field

  • Employee: Added 5 more Custom Text fields

Other changes

  • Main Menu: Rename group Time Tracking to Site Human Resources

  • Remove “Other” as filter option from Manufacturing and Installation

  • Purchase Order: Rename Last Mailer Template Sent to Last Template Generated

  • Bill of Material: Remove “Complete Packaging Process of BoM” Button

  • Daily Log / Summary Log: Deviations are now on page 3 instead of page 2

  • Report Enhancement for Daily Log / Summary Log: Print Workdays of Employees per day or for the reporting period

  • Daily Log: Deviations can be added from the past 7 days instead of only the current day

  • Installation / Manufacturing: Move Activity Management from File to Module

  • Installation / Manufacturing: Add extra right for entering progress

  • Notification subscriptions for individual items have been removed for all modules except for deviations. Use history subscriptions instead.

Version 6.0 - Summer 2018

Updated Minimum Software Requirements

Due to ongoing software developments within our company and Microsoft, we had to raise our minimum software requirements to provide you the best product.

Desktop Application: Now requires .NET Framework 4.6.1 instead of 4.5.2.

Tablet Application: Now requires Windows 10 Anniversary Update instead of Windows 8.1 (all tablets which are on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 below Anniversary update, are unsupported with this release)

A result of these changes is, that the software now runs in 64bit mode if you have a 64bit computer.

New Software-Distribution System

Every Insite LMS Customer has a new Installation URL for Insite LMS Version 6.0:<yourcustomername>

This link is now a central link to install/access all our clients like desktop, tablet, web or mobile apps. If you do not know your customer name, please contact us.

Not just the link has changed, we also changed the installer which reduces download size and allows us to perform silent updates.

New Tablet App

The whole Windows 8.1 App has been redesigned to a UWP Windows 10 app which should provide a much better user experience than the old app.

Try it out and please provide us feedback!

New Android and iOS Apps

Starting with version 6.0, we have released our first versions of Android and iOS Apps. Just go to your App Store, search for Insite LMS and click install.

The current functionality allows you to perform operations for site packages (delivery, change location, package inspection), deviations (create new deviations, add pictures and comments) and create daily logs.

We plan to further enhance this functionality step by step and provide an offline functionality in the future.

New Icons for high resolution screens

All icons of our desktop application have been updated and were replaced by new high-resolution icons.

Updated Package Logistics Status

Due to new features and rethinking of new and existing functionality, we decided to change the popular package logistics status to the following values:

01 Packed

02 Shipped (packages with shipment)

03 In Customs (optional)

04 Delivered

05 Inspected

06 Completed

For the old status “Requested” we have additional columns you can manually add. The old status “Empty” is now combined with “Issued” to the new status “Completed”

New default filters for many modules

To reduce loading times and only display more relevant data for each user, we have added new default filters to some modules. These filters are displayed right next to the search box.

For example, in Site Packages we initially only load “Open” packages, in deviations the default filter is “Mine” and shows only deviations which were created by the user or are assigned to the user.

More filters can be found in Manufacturing, Installation and Consolidator Packages modules.

Material Return

If you issue material to installation and some material was returned, it is now possible to create explicit material returns with its own report document.

You can return complete site packages or individual site package items and add them back to your inventory.

An overview of all material returns can be found in the new Material Return module.

New Module Deliverable Items

This new optional module supports a process, where you have a list of deliverable items before they are packed and your organization wants to track the completeness against these planned deliverable items.

New Project Structure Module

If you are planning volumes of packages and deliveries based on a project structure, the new project structure module allows you to compare planned weights, planned number of packages, planned square meters and much more against actual values.

Material Planning Run

For Bulk Material Handling we added a powerful material planning run. An example use case is the construction of pipelines: You are only shipping bulk material and you want to know, which pipelines you can build on which date. The material planning run considers storage material, material on shipments and ordered material to tell you, if you have all materials available for a certain date in the future.

Picture Viewer

Under Project Management – Picture Viewer you can now see all pictures over all Insite LMS modules for a specific time frame.

picture viewer

Changes to Progress Tracking of Installation and Manufacturing

  • Separate window for progress tracking (additional to details)

  • Changed behavior of saving: Instead of directly saving on each change, there is now a save button

  • If you select multiple items with the same type, you can now mass update all selected items with one save

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Other Changes

  • Main Menu: On login, always navigate to the last module. If you do not like this behavior, you can change it back to the old behavior in your user settings.

  • General: Create specific rights for editing notes and attachments in each module

  • Purchase Orders: Allow mass update of Purchase Order Status

  • PO Item: Can now be connected to a Material from Bill of Materials

  • Pending Packages: Add logistics company to Process Packages Wizard

  • Packages in Site Logistics: was renamed to Site Packages

  • Packages: Delivery Date cannot be in the future anymore

  • Packages: Delivery Date and Inspection Date cannot be changed after operation has been performed

  • Packages and Package Items: History Pane now shows all material related changes in a separate tab

  • Consolidator Packages: Convert to Outbound now copies the Inbound Package, this means the Inbound Package will always be available for your reference.

  • Package Positions: Was renamed to Package Items (for consistency reasons)

  • Manufacturing: Supervisor is now a Drop Down

  • Daily Logs: Add custom glossary for spell check

  • Deviations: Add new fields Responsible Company and Actual Cost

  • Deviations: 5 more Custom Fields

  • Deviations: Mass update of deviation status for deviations having the same status

  • Installation Item: Removed field Delivered By and added calculated fields Earned Value (hours) and Cost Performance Index

  • Sync: Add new tablet specific configuration with less data

  • Notes: Text in notes supports hyperlinks

Version 5.3 - Spring 2018

Rich text functionality for daily logs / summary logs (including spell check)

We added rich text functionality to daily logs and summary logs. Insite LMS supports Bold, Italic, Underline, Bullets, Numerals and Font Color.

Spell check is also included for the languages English and German (top right button).

Damaged quantities cannot be requested/issued

If damaged quantities are recorded, they now deduct from the available quantity and thus cannot be issued or requested.

Bill of Material – tree view

If configured and your Bill of Material setup includes multiple levels, you can now switch from the grid view to a tree view. The button is placed right next to the search panel.

Add work days – bulk and multiple

Adding work days has been enhanced with two options:

  • Bulk employees: You can define an “employee” as bulk. This allows you to add a multiplier and for example add 5 anonymous welders at once.

  • Add multiple: You can add multiple work days at once for one employee. Just select a timeframe and for each workday an entry with the desired time pairs is added.

You can also combine the options bulk and multiple.

Changes for progress curve

  • Display the date on today

  • Always show actual progress

  • Only show planned progress when all elements have a planned date

Save report in database

  • Allow editing of file name.

  • Include the main number (e.g. shipment number) in the default file name, if only one item is selected.

Report improvements

  • Pictures, notes and deviations can now be added automatically for each item, instead of only at the end of the report.

  • Summary log report provides more printing options regarding Installation items and packages.

New columns

  • Material request number and material issue number on package and package position.

  • Deviations: reference descriptions.

  • Supplier country in all package and package position modules.

Version 5.2 - Autumn 2017

Auto-login to last project

You are now able to specify on the start screen after your login, if you will be logged in to your previous project directly.

Reference deviations to BoM item and package position

BoM items and package positions can now be directly referenced to a deviation.

Package positions additionally support upload of files and notes.

New statuses for Bill of Materials

We have added two new statuses: partly shipped and completely shipped. These new statuses also include a new calculated property called shipped quantity. This quantity adds the quantity of all package positions whose package has been assigned to a shipment (regardless of the dates).

This feature was added to show the status of a specific Bill of Material more accurately and include transport information.

Possibility to add plan dates on Bills of Materials

For each status, we already calculated the first and last actual dates. For example, the first packed date and the date, when a Bill of Material was completely packed.

The next logical step is to compare planned vs actual dates, so users are now able to add plan dates for each status:

  • planned packed date

  • planned shipped date

  • planned delivery date

  • planned installation date

Combined with these new fields, the details have been redesigned and rearranged to better display the progress.

New deviation status: approved

We added a new deviation status approved. This also includes an approved date.

Export value dialog

Add aggregates for each package and at the bottom to easier verify the values.

New grouping functions

Two new functions will help to arrange data to better to personal needs.

Sticky column group headers: When you use grouping in any of our lists, open a large group and scroll down: The header stays visible until a new group begins.

Display aggregates: Historically, aggregates in groups have always been displayed left aligned. Especially with many aggregates, this became for the user very difficult to read. Therefor aggregates are now displayed directly below the column.
Please consider: If a column is not displayed, the aggregate will not be displayed as well.

neue Gruppierungsfunktion

New columns

  • Supervisor on installation item now references to an LMS User (the old Supervisor field was a text field only and is now obsolete!)

  • List of activities on installation item (large text field)

  • Logistics company as company reference on package and on shipment

Setup improvements

  • Notifications can be shown for each user directly in the setup.

  • Under user, the new link user statistics has been added: It shows the number of currently active users and the number of actual logins per month (per user).

  • Optimize reports: Select a report below open report in designer. You can select optimize report. This function tries to minimize the number of objects in the dictionary and removes all unused references.

Version 5.1 - Summer 2017

New freight forwarder module

We now support sending of packages to multiple intermediate stops until they reach site. This can be done with the freight forwarder module. Just create addresses with type Freight Forwarder and keep forwarding packages.

Previous shipments will be displayed with status forwarded.

Add default views for other users

A common request from Insite LMS admins was to set up default views for all of their users instead of having all users creating their own default views. This is now possible with the new default view checkbox.

New on hold status for pending packages

For pending packages, a new process is supported: Put packages on hold and indicated for everyone, that certain packages should not be processed.

Calculation of process time for supplier interaction

Process Time (days) is a new column available to monitor the duration between Creation Date and Supplier Documents Sent, excluding weekends, on hold periods and public holidays.

Set culture and language separately

If you want to have Insite LMS in English, but dates and quantities in German, you can now set these two properties independently.

Improve large textboxes

More space available for multiline textboxes including a new button to open a separate window, this should help to make longer texts more convenient.

Reworked: export to excel to support streaming of large lists

Our previous Excel export had its limits at around 100.000 rows. The new and reworked Excel export supports file streaming and therefore has no limits.

Grouping of similar history entries

Instead of showing similar items (in this example Package Position Changed) as separate rows, they are now grouped together. Details can be shown after expanding a line.

New columns:

  • Incoterms on Project and Shipment

  • Weight on Manufacturing Item

  • Transport and Insurance cost on Shipment

  • Total Cost and Total Export Value on Shipment and Package

Setup improvements

  • Lookup Tables can now be edited

  • Project Overview button for users, reports and templates

  • Export list of projects to Excel

  • Reports: More settings to automatically include notes, pictures and deviations

Version 5.0 - Spring 2017

After steadily increasing the version from 4.1 to 4.14 over a couple of years, we have decided to make the next release version 5.0.

It is still the Insite LMS as you know it and all our customers will be able to migrate to this version.

New INSITE IT colors and logos

The most visual change will be the change of logos and colors in the new version to reflect our new CI.

We hope you like it!

Improve container handling

Containers were first introduced in version 4.12 but missed some features. Container are now fully supported in all scenarios and you should be able to easily manage them.

The container functionality can be activated in the global configuration if it is deactivated.

Enhance activities to support more than 10 activities

It is now possible to keep track of more than 10 activities for manufacturing and installation. You are able to set up as many activities as you want and easily reorder activities.

We are working continuously on improving Insite LMS. Insite LMS is always developed in line with our customers requirements. Do you have a specific request? Your site requires a special solution? We are there for you. Please send us your suggestions to make Insite LMS even better.

Click here and contact us if you need more information on the Insite LMS updates.